Roof Insulation

Did you know Roof Insulation is compulsory in all new homes?

As of January 2012, all new homes must be insulated with SANS compliant insulation. The objective is to build homes that are more energy-efficient, resulting in less need for heating and cooling. As we all know the cost of energy is not only a financial burden to homeowners. The cost of heating and cooling has a significant impact on Global Warming and climate change.

For this reason, Homes with roofing insulation require far less energy as a result of a more stable indoor temperature. As a rule, insulation in the roof space results in substantial energy savings.

Importantly insulated homes are far more comfortable because of the more stable temperature environment. Roof Insulation improves indoor temperature 4-8 degrees.

Insulating any property is the key to saving money on heating and cooling. Our roof insulation experts know how to save you money by installing the right insulation better.

We are leading suppliers and installers of high-quality insulation products with more than three decades of experience in the Thermal Insulation industry. Supplying and installing the best insulation products, we are still number one.

Most new home buyers will inquire about roof insulation when purchasing a new home;

Importantly roof insulation will, therefore, have an advantage over homes without insulation. Also, insulated houses reduce colds and flues substantially because of the more controlled temperature environment.

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Roof Insulation We Beat Any Roof Insulation Installed Quote

Aerolite Roof Insulation

  • The new Aerolite Roof Insulation with the new TEL Fiberizing Technology.
  • Aerolite Insulation is regarded as one of the most advanced roof insulation products on the market.
  • For this reason, Aerolite Insulation is specified for hospitals as well as schools and shopping malls.
  • The 135mm Aerolite is SANS compliant for the Western Cape and Gauteng regions. You will find all the Aerolite prices on our website.

Read all Aerolite facts and specifications to make the right choice.

Knauf Ecose Insulation

  • The Knauf Ecose Earthwool insulation Produced with Patented Ecose Technology.
  • Of course, the Ecose Insulation is advanced insulation for roofs.
  • Equally important is the fact that Ecose Insulation specified for schools hospitals and public areas.
  • 135mm Knauf Ecose Insulation check prices for the Western Cape Region as well as Gauteng.

Read up on all the Knauf Ecose Insulation specifications and facts.

Isotherm Roof Insulation

  • Isotherm Roof insulation Dust Free and Allergy Free insulation for roofs.
  • Moreover, Isotherm Insulation manufactured from PET plastic bottles.
  • Isotherm Insulation is ideal for homes but not to be installed in hospitals and schools.
  • Our Isotherm prices are the lowest available in SA.

Read all the Isotherm Insulation facts and specifications.



Improve indoor temperature 4 – 8 degrees in summer and winter

Cavity Roll

Cavity Roll Insulation

  • Cavity Roll insulation for drywall partitioning and soundproofing offices boardrooms etc. The Roll insulation is a two-part roll.
  • The Cavity insulation is split at 600mm in order to fit between the upright.
  • Resulting in a nice tight fit. For this reason, the insulation will reduce heat flow and noise pollution substantially.
  • Cavity Insulation is a 14Kg3 density insulation. Find all CavityRoll insulation prices on our price list.
CavityBatt insulation

CavityBatt Insulation

  • CavityBatt wall insulation for offices and board rooms will reduce sound substantially between offices. Reduce noise pollution between offices with insulation between the walls.
  • The CavityBatt is identical to the CavityRoll except one is a roll form and the other is a board form 600x1200mm. The density and the benefits are identical.
  • Cavity Insulation is a 14Kg3 density insulation.
factorylite insulation

Factorylite Insulation

  • Factorylite insulation specially designed for factory roofs.
  • For this reason, Factorylite laminated with a silver foil on one side of the roof insulation. Another critical point is that Factorylite roof insulation is fitted directly under the roof with the foil facing inside the factory.
  • The foil is merely a carrier for the insulation and wired to the underside of the roof. Read all Factorylite price and make the right choice.
Isoboard Ceilings

Isoboard Ceilings and Suspended Ceilings

  • Roof Insulation installs Isoboard ceilings in homes as well as offices.
  • Check out our Isoboard Prices for the best deal in SA.
  • Isoboard Thermal Insulation ceilings are a clean application with no skimming.
  • Isoboard does not get affected by water leaks.
  • Also, we fit Suspended Ceilings for offices, including acoustic suspended ceilings.
  • Suspended ceilings for offices as well as shopping malls.
  • Available as a standard suspended ceiling tile or an acoustic ceiling tile.
roof vacuum and cellulose removal

Roof Vacuum and Cellulose Removal

  • Ever wondered about the dust in the roof space. For the record roof dust of any sort is harmful.
  • In particular roof, dust contains a host of toxic chemicals, one of which is lead poison from car exhaust emissions.
  • Be aware roof dust can be harmful to young children and pregnant woman.
  • We remove roof dust and Cellulose Insulation with an industrial vacuum machine that stands outside the home.
  • Contact us for a roof vacuum quote.

SoundProofing Options

Stop noise pollution with Roof Insulation. We have a Soundproofing or accoustic option for most indoor noise pollution problems. 

Industrial Insulation products

SoundProofing / Acoustic Insulation / High Temperature Insulation

  • Roof Insulation stock a wide range of all types of insulation.
  • Soundproofing and acoustic insulation for reducing noise pollution in the home or office.
  • Also, the high-density insulation is perfect for high-temperature applications.
soundproofing between wall

Soundproofing Between Walls

  • Noisy neighbours keeping you awake at night.
  • We fit drywall partitioning between walls to reduce noise pollution between adjoing units.
  • Insulated with soundproofing insulation as well as new cavitywall.
  • High-density acoustic insulation to reduce the noise.
  • Reduce the impact of noise pollution between units with insulated walls.

Roof Ventilation

The importance of roof ventilation is very under estimated in South Africa. Roof Insulation Cape has a number of ventilation options.

roof ventilators

Roof Ventilators

  • Roof ventilators have a place in most homes. Importantly roof ventilation removes stale air from the roof space.
  • Additionally, WhirlyBird roof ventilation reduces unwanted harmful airborne dust as it recycles current air in the roof space.
  • The added benefits are reduced condensation in winter as well as an improved summer benefit as the roof ventilation removes unwanted heat in the roof.
  • Check out our WhirlyBird roof ventilation prices for the best deal in SA.
roof waterproofing with liquid rubber

Roof Waterproofing

  • We offer a roof waterproofing service for all roof types, including concrete roofs.
  • As we all know, roof leaks can cause severe damage in the home as well as mould and condensation.
  • For this reason, we do not do patch up waterproofing; instead, we spray the entire roof with eco-friendly liquid rubber.
  • The result is a watertight roof that will not leak in heavy rain.

roof insulation offers a five year workmanship guarantee

Roof Insulation Five Year Workmanship Guarantee

We offer a five-year Workmanship Guarantee on all work undertaken by us.

For the record, all our work is fully supervised from start to finish.

Also, we have comprehensive insurance for your peace of mind.