100mm Soft Touch Aerolite Price

100mm Aerolite Insulation

To reduce the impact of summer and winter changes in the home, we must insulate our ceilings with compliant Thermal Insulation for roofs. Installing 100mm Aerolite Insulation will improve indoor temperature and home comfort. Aerolite Insulation improves indoor temperature and home comfort. Installing the new Soft Touch Aerolite for the KZN coastal homes will improve indoor temperature by 4-8 degrees in summer and winter. The Soft Touch Aerolite Insulation blocks the heat flow into the roof space in winter by 85%. In summer, the heat build-up in the roof space radiates into the home. For this reason, we will keep the warm air in the house in winter and summer the hot air out.

100mm Soft Touch Aerolite Insulation

Importantly there are three major changes to the production of Ceiling Insulation. As of February 2022, the Think Pink Aerolite has been changed to Soft Touch Aerolite. The new Soft Touch Aerolite is the most advanced Thermal Insulation for roofs. Now manufactured with TEL Fiberizing Technology, the fibres and thermal structure have improved.

We now have an insulation product that is great for thermal and acoustic benefits. The longer, softer fibres mean the insulation is almost dust free and itch-free. At the same time, the TEL Fiberizing technology has improved the ability of the Thermal Insulation to block heat up and down.

100mm Aerolite Specifications

  • Thickness:  100mm
  • R-value:      2.50
  • Installed R-value: 2.90
  • NRC:  1.0
  • K value: 0.40
  • KZN Coastal region or top-up
  • SABS approved
  • SANS compliant for the KZN region

How Much is Aerolite Insulation?

We are taking the chaos that is taking place worldwide and the shipping issues caused by shipping. We are aware of price changes at the drop of a hat. A 100mm, Soft Touch Aerolite roll sells for R 459.63 or R 63.84m2, including VAT. Our Installed price is approximately R86.84. Please note all insulation prices can change without notice. For the best Aerolite Installed or supply-only price for DIY installers, Contact Us for the best deal.