Aerolite insulation is a glass wool ceiling insulation material that is non-combustible. Furthermore Aerolite does not burn, melt or smoke in case of a fire. Additionally the insulation has acoustic properties. Creating a sound barrier keeping noise out and enhances your privacy in the home. Additionally Aerolite insulates your attic and ceiling slowing down heat gain or loss.

Aerolite eliminates the need to run your AC system. Additionally Aerolite saves on energy costs and allows you to contribute to a responsible carbon footprint. As a property owner, you can enjoy the advantages of Aerolite above once you insulate your home or buildings.

Aerolite is the worldwide leader in domestic insulation for more than 70 years. Furthermore Aerolite is manufactured to the highest international standards. The Insulation is manufactured to the highest standards using cleaner, greener materials. Accordingly Aerolite Insulation is safe for hospitals and public buildings.

World Health Organization Gives Aerolite Insulation Class: 111 Rating

Aerolite Insulation is Bio-soluble Safer Than Most Commonly Used Kitchen Products

Aerolite Cost

Did you know that without insulation, your home loses 25% to 30% of its heat during winter and 25% to 30% of its coolness in summer? This costs you money. How? You have to run the AC system all day and night just to maintain a comfortable temperature. Installing Aerolite reduces energy consumption. In turn, reducing your power bill putting money back in your pocket. As a result Aerolite Insulation will give a lifetime of energy saving and home comfort..

When it comes to installation of Think Pink, there are a few factors that determine the price of installation. One such factor is the size of your home. If you have a bigger home, the cost of insulating it will be lower compared to having a smaller home.

Another factor that influences the cost of Aerolite Insulation is climate. What climatic region are you in? Climate dictates the thickness of thermal insulation. This determines the price of the material and installation costs. What you need to know is that the thicker the insulation, the higher the price.

The good news is the thicker the Aerolite Insulation material, the better the acoustic and thermal properties. Also, you get to enjoy another benefit – higher home resale value.

When you make your home energy efficient, your home value increases tenfold. Since home-buyers are looking for energy efficient homes, they are willing to pay more. Basically, you will be putting money back in your pocket, again.

Advantages Aerolite Insulation

  • Aerolite is Lightweight, environmentally friendly and non-combustible.
  • Made using new fiber technology which ensures the final product has a softer surface
  • Made from silica sand and 80% recycled glass
  • SABS certified
  • Maintenance free and lasts for 50 years
  • Lowers energy costs and eliminates the need to run AC overtime
  • Lowers heat penetration and escape by 87%
  • Does not attract vermin in any way
  • Does not contain asbestos
  • Odorless, latent and does not promote mold growth
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • Does not promote copper, aluminum and steel erosion
  • Ideal for all climatic regions

Aerolite Summer Benefits

Of course there are many benefits to having Aerolite fitted in the roof.

In fact, the new Aerolite has a life span of 30 – 50 years

Temperature improvement 4-8 degrees.

Sound proofing and acoustic benefits are the best in class.

Reduce heat flow into the home as much as 90%.

As a result cost of home insulation can be recovered in 2-3 years..

Homes with a more stable temperature are healthier

Take Advantage Aerolite Summer & Winter Benefits For Home Comfort

Improve Indoor Temperature 4 - 8 Degrees In Summer and Winter

aerolite winter benefits

Aerolite Insulation Winter Benefits

In winter our homes are cold it seems that nothing we do can stop the biting cold.

In fact, Aerolite Thermal Insulation reduces heat loss through the roof by up to 90%.

Likewise Aerolite improves indoor temperature in winter 4-8 degrees.

Furthermore the insulation reduces condensation in the home.

Once again a more stable environment is a healthier environment.

As a result the cost of Aerolite Insulation will be recovered in as little as three years.

how does aerolite work

How Aerolite Works

Aerolite acts as a barrier between the the roof space and the home. In fact Aerolite Insulation reduces heat flow in or out of the home as much as 87%. Additionally Aerolite reduces the affect of noise pollution.

As a result Aerolite will improve indoor temperature of 4 – 8 degrees in summer. Thereby reducing the need for heating and cooling. As a result Aerolite will save energy by reducing the need for cooling.
In winter the warm air in the home from cooking or heating is rapidly lost via the ceiling into the roof space. Once again Aerolite reduces heat loss as much as 87%. Resulting in a warmer home in winter. 
what is aerolite

What is Aerolite?

It is a superb ceiling insulation material that is pink in color and has acoustic properties. Usually bonded with an inert Thermosetting resin, the final product (Aerolite) is made available in compression packed rolls.

Making it very easy for installers to cut and install the Acoustic Ceiling Insulation in your home. As this thermal insulation is non-combustible Ceiling Insulation material, it has the highest fire rating classified as A1. Meaning the insulation material will not combust, melt or smoke. Will Not Burn.

Popularly known as Think Pink (as a result of its pink color), the insulation material has been used for the last 75 years to insulate homes from the harsh weather elements and prevent heat from escaping the interior of the house.

As a result, Aerolite has helped to promote energy efficiency among homeowners by eliminating the need for running heaters and AC machines all day and night to keep the interior of the house warm (winter) and cooler (summer).

The Higher R-value of Aerolite Means Better Thermal Resistance

R-value refers to a measure of how well an insulating material can resist the conductive flow of heat. Popularly known as the Thermal Resistance of an insulating material, it takes into account the following factors:

The thickness of the insulating material as well as density. Take note compressing the Aerolite will reduce the R-value to the compressed value.

When it comes to thermal insulation – the wonder acoustic Ceiling Insulation material – this value measures the ability of the insulation material to resist the flow of heat.

For better performance, it’s highly advisable to select Think Pink Aerolite insulation with a higher R-value. As a result, you and your family will enjoy the following benefits: Improves your indoor experience by absorbing noise from inside and outside your home.

Higher R-value saves more on high energy costs. Therefore a cooler home in summer and a warmer home in winter with Aerolite installed. Insulation enhances the level of comfort in your home. Increases the value of your home which is a plus when it comes a time to sell.

aerolite has great sound proofing benefits

Aerolite Sound proofs your home

Did you know? Aerolite is also one of the best sound proofing materials one can buy!

Not only is the insulation one of the leading and most advanced roof and ceiling insulation product, when you buy direct it is the cheapest! Yes, buy all insulation products direct from Roof Insulation, South Africa’s foremost insulation supplier and installer and save.

You can also have the insulation installed by Roof Insulation with guaranteed levels of workmanship.  Save time, effort and money!

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aerolite is non combustible

Don’t Let Your Home Go Up In Flames

Our homes regarded as the single most expensive investments we make for most average families. It is essential to make the right choice when insulating your roof space. Any Roof Insulation installed incorrectly is not only a waste of money it can also be a risk to your investment. (The Home)

As a result, installing Think Pink Aerolite with a Fire Rating AA 1/1 The Insulation is Not Combustible

Consequently when installing insulation in the roof space ensure that your Roof Insulation is fitted above the insulation wherever possible.

Aerolite Does Not Attract Vermin

Traditional insulation materials have been known to be less efficient when it comes to reducing heat or retaining heat in the home.

Also, they act as a source of food for rodents and provide the perfect material for the whiskered intruders to use when making their nests.

The presence of the whiskered intruders in your ceiling poses a health hazard to your family. Not only will your family be prone to infections but the infections will escalate to disease.

Unlike traditional insulating materials, Glass-wool stops the whiskered intruders in their tracks. It can achieve this by providing a poor breeding environment for the critters. Besides, the use of glass wool together with the Thermosetting resin is not a good source of food for them.

Glass-wool insulation also does not promote or allow the breeding of bacteria, fungi or mold.

Aerolite Insulation Installers Cape Town

The benefits of having your Ceiling Insulation Installed by Roof Insulation Cape means you benefit from years of experience.

All our Aerolite Insulation Installers are well trained and undergo continues training. Installing Roofing Insulation seems simple.

Get in the roof space and roll the insulation out. In fact, Insulation or Ceiling Insulation installed incorrectly is an absolute waste of money.

The Thermal Insulation must be fitted directly on the ceiling between the main beams. Making sure that there are no gaps, seal of the entire ceiling space.

In most cases, we will have four Insulation Installers in the roof space. In fact, each Insulation Installer is accountable for the installation they do.

We have a system where each installer will check each other at the end of the installation. Then the supervisor with the team will have a final inspection.

Installing Roof Insulation Products is our business, and we take it very seriously. For the best quality, Aerolite Installation calls Roof Insulation Cape Town.

Install 135mm Aerolite For Cape Town

The roof insulation flagship product is undoubtedly the 135mm Aerolite Insulation. Especially because the 135mm Aerolite is regarded as one as the safest insulation products for roofs.

Additionally Aerolite not only improves indoor temperature in summer and winter. Added benefits include reduced noise pollution and energy saving.

In fact, Aerolite has the highest R-value 3.38 with an installed R-value 3.78.

  • Roll dimensions 5000mm x 1200mm @ 6M2 per roll.
  • Density 12Kg3

A recent survey states that homes correctly insulated will recover the cost of insulation in under three years on heating and cooling savings alone.

Aerolite Best Roof Insulation

Regarded by many as one of the best insulation products for roofs. The Think Pink has one of the best R-values on the market. Added to this is the excellent Fire rating. Aerolite Roof Insulation has a Class A/1 fire rating.

From a safety point of view, the fire rating, as well as the R-value, are game changers.

Added to this are the soundproofing and acoustic benefits of the Think Pink.  Aerolite Insulation Cape Town has many years of experience in the domestic manufacturing as well as industrial insulation products is what separates ISOVER from all other insulation products. In fact, Isover has been manufacturing building components for nearly 200 years and are one of the biggest manufacturers of insulation products on the planet.

Installing Aerolite Insulation is The Right Thing To Do

In fact, by saving energy in our homes, we are helping to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Installing SANS compliant Roof Insulation is compulsory as of January 2013. All new homes must have Ceiling Insulation achieving a specific R-value for the region. Existing homes are not affected by this legislation at this point.

As we push our environment to the limit energy and water are becoming very scarce and very expensive. Installing Insulation in your Roof will reduce the need for costly heating and cooling.

In most first world countries installing Ceiling Insulation has been compulsory for years.

In fact, all industrial food plants and oil refineries are well insulated. Insulating Boilers and Furnaces in industrial plants with high-density Rock Wool insulation.

Without this insulation, the product prices would be more than triple.

Health Benefits Of Aerolite Insulation

Firstly we must just mention  the World Health Organization gives Aerolite Insulation a safety rating: 111. As a result the insulation is as safe if not safer than many pickled vegetables or even coffee.

Secondly there are many health benefits to having quality insulation installed in the roof space. So how will there be a health benefit in the home with insulation?

As we know Aerolite acts as a barrier between the freezing cold in winter and the extremely hot summer days. Installing Aerolite improves indoor temperature 4 – 8 degrees in summer and winter. As a result of the more even temperature the average cold or flue is kept at bay.

When it is freezing cold out. We most certainly don’t go out in the cold under dressed as we end up in the doctors rooms sooner rather than later. The same applies to your home. Keeping a more moderate even temperature reduces the potential for allergies and flues and colds.

Install Roof Insulation Correctly Or Throw Money Away

As mentioned earlier on this page Roof Insulation Installed incorrectly is wasted money. Installing the insulation directly on the ceiling space between the main beams is essential. In fact, all Roof Insulation must be fitted directly on the ceiling between main beams. The entire roof space must be covered.

Do not install the Insulation following the roof pitch. In fact, installing insulation following the roof pitch will give a nice cool roof space but almost no benefit in the home.

However, this does not apply to what is referred to as a flat roof.

Install Roll Form Roof Insulation

Installing roll form insulation in your ceiling space makes sense as the insulation covers the entire roof. The main reason why we recommend roll form insulation is that this will not get affected by the wind. Roll form insulation is packed tightly between the beams to seal off correctly.

Blown-in loose fiber or cellulose will be affected by winds. In many homes where we remove these insulation types, we find the insulation has moved significantly. In fact, this leaves your home compromised with regards the insulation value. Loose paper or cellulose insulation is difficult to install the correct thickness in the roof space. The reason for this is we have to rely on the eye of the installer blowing the insulation. This, as we know, can’t be an exact science.

Roll form Insulation is a specific thickness and density, so you know what you get for your money. The Thermal insulation products designed for optimum Thermal Insulation benefit. Installing Thermal Insulation without great thermal Insulation properties is a waste of money. All Thermal Insulation products are rated on R-value. In fact the higher the R-value, the better the insulation properties.

In fact the higher the R-value, the better the Think Pink Aerolite. Think Pink Thermal Insulation is available in thicknesses from 50mm to 135mm.

Aerolite Insulation Price List Per Roll

The roll Price of Aerolite varies as there are 5 different thicknesses. All rolls are 1200mm wide and roll width vary from 5000mm to 10000mm per roll.

The Aerolite M2 price varies from R 20.00 – R60.00 M2 depending on the thickness.

The Aerolite Roll prices vary from R 236 to R 365 per roll.

All Aerolite roll prices are compression packed to reduce load space. Aerolite shelf life is great and the lifespan of installed Aerolite Insulation is 30 to 50 years.

Why Should I Install Insulation

On a cold day or night just before you step out the door, what is the one thing that assures you of warmth and comfort?

You are right, a coat.

Winter jackets manufactured from wool, gabardine or cashmere. Inside, they are lined with polyester or other materials which help to keep heat close to the body.

Just like you need a coat on a cold day or night, your home also needs to be enveloped with insulating materials to keep the cold away and retain heat within.

Insulation has been around since the per-historic people built shelters or sought natural refuge in caves to protect themselves from the elements.

Today, you can create a barrier between the harsh weather outside and the delicate environment in your home with aerolite insulation. As the perfect ceiling insulation with acoustic properties, it will protect you and your family from extreme temperatures plus keeping your home warm and cozy.

Want to enjoy tremendous energy savings for the next 50 years? Think Pink thermal insulation is the right solution for you.

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