Aerolite FAQ

These are the a few of the Aerolite FAQ from our clients. We hope that this will be of help. Should you have any questions not listed please give us a call.


Aerolite FAQ

Aerolite FAQ

How does Aerolite improve the temperature in my home in summer and winter?

As a matter of fact Aerolite insulation will reduce the heat flow into the home in summer. In fact ceilings that are not insulated are very hot in summer. Of course this is like underfloor heating above your head in summer. The 135mm Aerolite insulation blanket laid on the ceiling between the beams reducing heat flow up or down by up to 90%. As a result of the Aerolite reducing the heat flow into the home the temperature can be as much as 5 to 8 degrees cooler. Making the home far more comfortable and reducing the need for Air conditioners in most cases.

In Winter the roof space is like a fridge as cold wind and air flows through the roof space. The ceiling area now is freezing cold. Any warm air that is created in the home from heating or cooking or even sunlight is lost. As this warm air will rise and subsequently lost to the cold roof space. In fact a home that is using a heater or small fire place will warm up most of the home. As the rising heat will not be lost into the roof space. Here is more info on how Aerolite works in summer and winter.

What Is Aerolite Lifespan?

The fact that Aerolite insulation is manufactured from 80% recycled glass and 20% naturally occuring silica sand means it will last for many years. The manufactures state a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. However we have been installing Aerolite for almost 30 years now. And we are doing retro fit insulations on homes insulated more than 25 years ago. This retrofit is in order to bring the old insulation that was much thinner those years up to spec with the new R value specifications on all new homes.

Can Aerolite Burn?

The answer is a simple no Aerolite can’t burn. In fact Aerolite has the highest fire rating class A/1 . This means that Aerolite insulation will not ignite. In fact you can put a blow torch to Aerolite insulation and you will not be able to set the Aerolite on fire. For more info on the fire rating read our Aerolite specifications page. This has been one of the biggest Aerolite FAQ for years as most home owners are concerned about fire.

aerolite FAQ summer benefit

aerolite FAQ summer benefit


aerolite FAQ winter benefits

aerolite FAQ winter benefits

Does Aerolite Absorb Water Like Cellulose Paper Insulation?

No Aerolite Aerolite Contains no paper so in most cases water will flow through the Insulation. In this manner allowing the home owner to see that there is a roof leak or geyser leak. Therefore it means in that it is unlikely to cause massive ceiling collapses as with paper insulation products that absorb water.  In fact we have a huge vacuum machine for the removal of old paper insulation. Especially before the winter rains.

How does Aerolite save me money?

Important fact is that Aerolite will save you money by saving energy. In fact cutting down on cooling costs and heating costs. This is achieved by keeping the heat out in summer and keeping the cold out in winter. You reduce the effect of the heat in the roof radiating into your home through a thin rhino board ceiling.

Save the heat in your home in winter from rising and getting sucked through the ceiling into the cold roof. The 135mm Aerolite will pay for itself in three years on energy saving alone.

Will rats nest in my Aerolite Insulation?

Another key point is Aerolite is not made from paper or fabric it is a fibreglass insulation. The result is Aerolite is not a cosy product for rats and other vermin.

Is Roof Insulation Compulsory?

Yes roof insulation is compulsory as of January 2013, however it is not compulsory on existing building or homes. It would be advisable to install Aerolite insulation as it will make your home SANS compliant if you install 135mm Aerolite insulation. And it will save money and energy. The energy crisis that hit South Africa in 2015 left many businesses in a terrible financial situation. As many people lost their jobs as a result of load shedding. If this legislation had been implemented a few years earlier we might have avoided this.

Do you have to remove tiles on my roof to install Aerolite?

No all Aerolite rolls go through the trap door, we do not disturb your tiles or plastic underlay as this could cause problems for you in the future.

Does Aerolite insulation make a lot of dust in my home when installed?

No there is not a lot of dust as all Aerolite insulation. is taken into your roof via the trap door, this is then closed and all work is then done in the roof.

Is Aerolite a health risk?

For almost 70 years the Aerolite and insulation has been used worldwide. Glass wool (fiberglass) insulation products have been proved to be very popular throughout the world, in fact in many movies one can clearly see fiberglass insulation in walls as well as is a safe to use insulation is probably the most well documented and tested building materials in the world. As a matter of fact this is one of the most asked Aerolite FAQ.

Does The Aerolite Contain Asbestos?

The story that Aerolite is an absolute fabrication. In fact Aerolite has never contained asbestos as the insulation product is manufactured from recycled glass. Asbestos will never be awed to be used in any form of roof insulation. In fact anyone who handles asbestos must be well trained as asbestos is ver bad for you health.

What is the Aerolite Price Per Roll?

Read the Aerolite roll price on this link. The Aerolite Price list will give you a good idea on the price and should you need an installed price give us a call. Our Aerolite prices are the best you will get. Our bulk buying means that you will benefit from lower prices. We also deliver to most parts of Cape Town.