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These are the a few of the Aerolite FAQ from our clients. We hope that this will be of help. Should you have any questions not listed please give us a call.

How Aerolite Makes The Home Cooler In Summer?

In the summer months, the roof space gets very hot.

We have measured temperatures under the ceiling in very hot homes in excess of 65 degrees.

This, in fact, is like underfloor heating above your head in summer.

Insulating the roof space directly on the ceiling means that we stop this heat entering the home.

In fact, improving the temperature by 4-8 degrees on a hot summer day.

Saving on energy for cooling and a more comfortable home.

How Aerolite Thermal Insulation Improves Temperature in Winter?

In winter the roof space gets very cold.

In winter the warm air created from cooking or heating is lost immediately to the roof space.

Remember heat is moving air and hot air rises.

Installing Ceiling Insulation reduces the heat loss by as much as 90%.

Improving internal temperature 4-8 degrees.

Is it Possible To Insulate Flat Roof Homes?

If your home has no trap door access we can still insulate the home.

In cases were homes don’t have a large ceiling space we do the installation from above.

In this application, we bring our roofing guys and lift alternate sheets as our installers are installing Aerolite.

These homes are very rewarding when insulated as they are much hotter than standard roof spaces and much colder in winter.

Having been in the Roofing Industry for many years we have loads of experience when lifting roofs.

On average a 200m2 should take one day for completion when lifting sheeting.

Is Aerolite Combustible?

As a matter of fact, the Aerolite Insulation has one of the best fire ratings in the world.

The answer is a very simple no, Aerolite cant burn.

In fact, this is one of very few Roof Insulation products worldwide that will not burn.

Aerolite Fire rating: A/1 meaning the Insulation will not burn.

This Insulation is recommended for hospitals and Clinics because of the Fire rating and safety of this insulation.

Can Loft Rooms Be Insulated With Aerolite Thermal Insulation?

Many Loft Room Areas are unlivable in summer and winter.

Installing insulation on the side walls and strapped in position with wire strainers approximately 200mm apart.

The pitched section, as well as side walls, must be insulated to get the best result.

Insulated Loft Rooms are absolutely fantastic after installing Aerolite.

Improve temperatures of 5-10 degrees.

Does Aerolite Absorb Water?

Many homeowners are worried about insulation in the roof absorbing water and causing the ceiling to collapse as a result of the extra weight.

This concern is caused by the Cellulose fiber insulation that is a Fine Paper Dust Insulation as many homes with this insulation have ended in ceiling collapse as a result of water leaks in the roof.

Being Paper the insulation absorbs water until the inevitable collapse.

Aerolite is a Glass-wool insulation product and this insulation does not absorb water.

In fact, Aerolite allows the water to run of the insulation and flow through the insulation.

So yes your ceiling will get wet if you have a leak however it is highly unlikely that the Aerolite can absorb the water ending in a ceiling collapse.

Will Aerolite Insulation Cause Mould?

In fact, Aerolite Insulation, because it is Glass-wool, does not support mold.

Mold is generally created when the warmer air borne air in the home make contact will the cold exterior.

In most cases leaky homes or homes with windows that leak cold air into the home.

The other area is the ceiling.

All South African roofs are designed to breathe because of our hot summers.

This makes our roof spaces very cold in winter so uninstalled homes that are very cold can have a mold problem as a result of the cold ceiling when the warm inner air makes contact with the roof space.

Read this article on Mold and Condensation

How Does Aerolite Thermal Insulation Save Money On Energy?

Installing Aerolite Thermal Insulation in your roof space will reduce heat loss via the ceiling by as much as 90%.

In real terms, this means an insulated home will have an improvement in temperature of 4-8 degrees on a very hot or cold day.

This, in turn, means the need for heating and cooling will be reduced substantially.

In fact, it has been estimated that correctly installed Roof Insulation will pay for itself in 2-3 years on energy saving alone.

Thereafter giving many years of free energy saving.

Energy saving means we are doing our bit to reduce the impact of Global Warming and Climate Change.

Will Rats and Squirrels Nest In Aerolite Insulation?

One of the reasons that the Aerolite Insulation is so popular other than the fire rating or Insulation benefits is the fact that this insulation is not loved by vermin.

Very rarely have I ever heard of vermin like Rats and Squirrels nesting in Glasswool.

So the answer is animals do not like this insulation.

Are There Any Health Issues With Aerolite?

Aerolite Insulation is one of the most tested Roof Insulation products in the world.

To date, there are no known health-related issues.

In fact, because Aerolite is a glass wool insulation product it may cause an itch while working with the product.

The Itch is superficial and the known cure is a hot bath or shower. This does not affect the homeowner as the insulation is laid on the ceiling in the roof space.

In fact, this insulation is recommended for hospitals and clinics because of its great fire rating A/1 meaning the insulation will not burn.

Does Aerolite Thermal Insulation Contain Asbestos?

Aerolite Thermal Insulation does not contain asbestos as it is a glass wool product.

This insulation product has been on the market for more than 80 years.

Is Roof Insulation Compulsory In South Africa?

As of January 2013, all new homes must be insulated with SANS compliant Roof Insulation.

This legislation was brought into effect as a result of the energy crisis in South Africa.

If this was legislated a few years earlier we would have in all likely hood avoided load shedding as well as all the related economic depression related to load shedding.

What Is The Correct Aerolite Insulation to Install?

The Western Cape must install 135mm Aerolite Insulation.

The Insulation must achieve an R-value 3.70 when installed.

The 135mm Aerolite will exceed the R-value requirements achieving 3.78.

Does Aerolite Contain Formaldehyde?

Absolutely not. In fact that is why Aerolite Insulation is regarded as one of the safest insulation products on the market. For this reason Aerolite is specified for Hospitals and Schools. The new Aerolite is Formaldehyde free.

Is Aerolite Insulation Affected By The Strong Winds In The Cape?

Remember Aerolite Insulation is not a blown in insulation like cellulose paper dust insulation.

Aerolite Thermal Insulation is a roll form Insulation that is cut to fit tightly between the beams.

This is what makes roll form insulation the product of choice. As there is no dust or insulation movement as a result of high winds.