Aerolite installers in Cape Town have been in the insulation industry for more than 30 years. As Aerolite Installers, we are regarded as the most experienced Roof Insulation Installers in South Africa. With many years of experience in the Industrial Insulation sector and the domestic home market, we are your one-stop Roof Insulation Experts.

You will notice by calling our office that we are very passionate about insulation. It is great to be in an industry that we believe in and can see instant results in a home that we insulate. Call us if you have been told that your roof can’t be insulated.

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Aerolite Installers Cape Town

  • Highly trained Aerolite Installers who are all permanent staff
  • Full supervision of our site supervisor on all installations
  • All our craft is guaranteed for five years.
  • Comprehensive insurance on all work done for your peace of mind
  • Installers of SABS and approved insulation products

Can Aerolite be Installed as a DIY project?

Any consumer who buys Roof Insulation from us will be given the essential basics of installing the insulation to achieve the best benefit. Homeowners or builders can install Aerolite as a DIY project. Find out how to install Aerolite as a DIY project.

On self-install applications, we are a phone call away to guide you with information as you progress.

Any ceiling insulation installed incorrectly is an absolute waste of money. All our aerolite Installers are taught the basics of this aspect of installing insulation.

  1. Firstly get the total floor measurements.
  2. Secondly, measure the distance between the beams and add at least 50 to 75mm. Insulation must never be installed short of the beams.
  3. Ensure the insulation that is cut covers the entire roof space. In most homes, there will be an offcut piece. t will start to fill the following line.
  4. Downlight hazards are a genuine threat to any home. Insulating over the downlights in the ceiling will potentially cause a fire. Even though the insulation can’t burn, the wooden beams will realise a gas if there is too much heat build-up between the insulation that can’t burn and the wood that will burn. Remember, some downlights get between 250 degrees c and 350 degrees c.
aerolite installers cape town
Aerolite Installers Cape Town