Aerolite Insulation For Cold Winter

Aerolite Insulation for cold winter is important for energy saving as well as home comfort. As the days get shorter and grow colder we all start thinking of the last winter and how we felt the winter chill.

And then we start thinking of ways we can keep the house warm. Typically we haul out the heaters, clean up the fireplace and fill up the gas bottles. And then we remember the massive energy bill we had last year. We then start looking for our gloves and bed socks. Some of us go out and spend a fortune on warm clothes etc. But maybe there are other ways we can keep the house (and yourself!) warm this winter? Low-cost Aerolite insulation will do the trick.

Aerolite Insulation for Cold Winter
Aerolite Insulation for Cold Winter

Aerolite Insulation For Cold Winter

The first question to ask yourself is ‘why is my home so cold?’. Because heat is a master at escaping. Through ceilings up to 80% heat loss, cracks in door frames and windows. There is no point putting heaters on until we can solve these problems. In fact, Aerolite Insulation for cold winters is the best place to start. Installing Sans compliant Aerolite 135mm will reduce the heat flow in or out of the home.

Blinds do more than block light. Glass is extremely effective at transmitting heat – and that works in both directions! By closing your blinds and using heavy, lined curtains you can prevent a massive amount of heat loss as well.

Plug those cracks! Cracks and gaps around window and door frames can easily be sealed with rubber or door and window sealants. Just pop into your local hardware store and look for the self-adhesive, foam strips. If it’s a gap under the door that’s giving you problems buy a door snake or install a doorstep.

Best Home Investment

Invest in Ceiling Insulation. Did you know that a well-insulated house requires up to 55% less energy to maintain its temperature? Ceilings may look solid but they’re actually one of the easiest places for heat to escape through.

Aerolite Ceiling Insulation is one of the best forms of losing the heat in your home. Aerolite insulation installed correctly will stop the heat flow out of your home through the ceiling by 80%. This means that the energy or heat remains in the home saving you running expensive heating and saving you money.

It is estimated that Aerolite insulation can pay for itself in as little as 3 years just on energy saving. When installing insulation get a professional that has experience installing your Aerolite insulation as insulation not installed correctly is useless.

Save the planet and save energy Insulation has become compulsory in South Africa with the new SANS legislation as of January 2013. This is because we were wasting massive amounts of energy and blackouts were the costly effect of be wise insulate with Aerolite insulation and help save energy and save our planet. Thermal Insulation will reduce heat loss and heat gain.