Aerolite Price

135mm Aerolite Price
5000 x 1200 x 135mm Thick
Aerolite Price Lists
R 445.61 Per Roll
(R 74.27m2)
  • R-value:: 3.38
  • Installed R-value:: 3.78
  • Dimensions:: 5mx1.2m
  • Total m2:: 6m2
  • Density:: 12Kg3
100mm Aerolite Price
6000 x 1200 x 100mm Thick
R 387.16 Per Roll
(R 53.77m2)
  • R-value:: 2.5
  • Installed R-value:: 2.9
  • Dimensions:: 6m x 1.2m
  • Total m2: 7.2m2
  • Density:: 12kg3
75mm Aerolite Price
8000 x 1200 x 75mm Thick
R 404.24 Per Roll
(R 42.11m2)
  • R-value:: 1.88
  • Installed R-value:: 2.28
  • Dimensions:: 8000mm
  • Total m2:: 12m2
  • Density:: 12kg3
50mm Aerolite Price
10 000 x 1200 x 50mm Thick
R 278.94 Per Roll
(R 23.24m2)
  • R-value:: 1.25
  • Installed R-value:: 1.65
  • Dimensions:: 10m x 1.2m
  • Total m2:: 12m2
  • Density:: 12kg3

Aerolite Insulation 5 Star Rating

New Aerolite

According to World Health Organization Aerolite Insulation is Rated 111

As a Result Aerolite Is Safer Than Many Household Products Like Pickled Vegetables and Some Coffees

Please watch our Aerolite Installing Demo video if you do not have experience installing insulation.  All home owners and developers who buy directly from us will have telephonic support for more complicated installations.

Best Aerolite Price In SA

Our Aerolite Prices are the lowest in SA. We hold massive stock levels on all Insulation Products. As a result all contractors as well as home owners are welcome to buy direct on all products.

The new Think Pink insulation is regarded as one of the best insulation products on the market today. In fact, the new Aerolite Insulation is produced with the new TEL Fiberizing technology.

For this reason the Home insulation is eco-friendly and is one of the safest insulation products for homes and schools.

As a result Think Pink is one of two Thermal Insulation products Authorized to be installed in Hospitals and Schools.

Think Pink Aerolite Products and Specifications

The Think Pink Insulation is available in 4 thicknesses. Thicknesses start from 50mm / 75mm /100mm /135mm. As a result there is an Aerolite Product for all applications.

Aerolite R-values

135mm thick Aerolite is SANS Compliant for the Western Cape Region. R-value 3.78 installed

100mm thick Aerolite is SANS Compliant for KZN region. R-value 2.90 installed

75mm Thick Aerolite Insulation is ideal as a filler to upgrade. R-value 2.28 when installed.

50mm Thick Aerolite Insulation also ideal as a filler to upgrade. R-value 1.65 when installed

R-value is one of the most important factors when selecting the correct Insulation for your home. The higher the R-value the better.

Aerolite Price

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Aerolite Price