If you’re looking to save on energy bills, now is the time to buy Aerolite insulation. SA Aerolite insulation prices are slashed for a limited time only! Our Soft Touch Aerolite Price is the best in the market, and our prices are unbeatable.

Not only will you be getting great value for money, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by using recycled materials in your home insulation.

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Soft Touch Aerolite Insulation Price Per Roll

We are confident of our installed Aerolite Insulation Price is by far the best in SA. We also offer a DIY install deal that will keep your home comfortable for many years. 

Aerolite Roll Price

Our Aerolite Roll price is undoubtedly the best in South Africa. We aim to keep our cost of Aerolite Insulation affordable for all homeowners. In particular, global warming and climate change challenge this time. Thermal insulation reduces the need for heating and cooling, reducing our environmental footprint.

Aerolite Price Installed

Our most popular insulation is the 135mm Aerolite.  Our Aerolite installed Price is only R20.00 m2 plus insulation cost. 

Does Your Home Need Roof Insulation?

Thermal Insulation is a great way to reduce heating and cooling costs. If you’re not yet equipped with Insulation, ensure your home has the proper material installed before winter rolls around! The SANS legislation requires that all new homes be insulated – this will help protect against energy waste in the summertime when it’s hot outside but cool inside of the house due to high humidity levels–and reduce air pollution by cutting out emissions from needed ventilation systems.
Insulating costs are recovered between 2-3 years on energy savings alone. The financial payoff is because We would need less fuel during the summer and winter.

Benefits Of Think Pink Aerolite

  • Improve indoor temperature by 5-8 degrees with 135mm Aerolite Insulation. 
  • Save energy on heating and cooling as thermal insulation reduce heat loss and gain.
  • Think Pink Insulation has great acoustic and soundproofing benefits.
  • Think Pink insulation is the highest grade thermal insulation for roofs.
  • The only thermal insulation specified for Hospitals, Schools and Clinics.
  • Think Pink has a long lifespan of 25- 50 years.
  • The insulation is not combustible.
  • Think Pink does not support vermin.
  • Reduce condensation and mould with compliant thermal insulation.

Aerolite Improves Indoor Temperature In Summer and Winter

Installing 135mm of Aerolite Insulation improves indoor temperature by 5 – 8 degrees in summer and winter. This Thermal protection is fitted directly above the ceiling between trusses, with an R-value that’s three points higher than most rivals on the market today!

SoundProofing and Acoustic Benefits Of Aerolite Insulation

Soundproofing and acoustics are important aspects to consider when building your home. The Aerolite Insulation with an NRC 1.1 helps provide effective acoustic treatment while being much less expensive than other products on the market! Soft Touch Aerolite Insulation, such as glass wool, is perfect for reducing noise pollution in both houses or buildings because it has been shown that this type of material can reduce up-close sound levels by around 50%.

Insulation For Hospitals Schools and Malls

The New Soft Touch Aerolite Insulation is the only Thermal Insulation product certified in hospitals, schools and malls. It offers superior protection from heat-related diseases such as cancer or infection due to its bio-solubility, allowing patients with compromised immune systems easy access through ports located in their unit while recovering from surgery! The reason it’s so popular?

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135mm Aerolite Specifications

100mm Aerolite Specifications

50mm Aerolite Specifications

How To Install Aerolite Insulation Correctly

All You Need To Know About Aerolite Insulation

According to the World Health Organization, Aerolite Insulation is Rated 111

Aerolite has been rated at 111 by the World Health Organization, which means it’s safer than many household products like pickled vegetables and some coffees. You can check out our installation tutorial if you want to learn how we do insulation work in homes! All customers who buy from us will get telephonic support for more complicated installations–so go ahead and take advantage of this great deal today before supplies run low again. Contact us now

Best Aerolite Insulation Price In SA

Our Aerolite Insulation Prices are the lowest in SA. We hold massive stock levels on all Insulation Products. As a result, all contractors and homeowners are welcome to buy direct on all products.

The new Think Pink insulation is regarded as one of the best products on the market today. The new Aerolite Insulation is produced with the new TEL Fiberizing technology.

For this reason, Home insulation is eco-friendly and is one of the safest insulation products for homes and schools.

As a result, Think Pink is one of two Thermal Insulation products Authorized to be installed in Hospitals and Schools.