Aerolite Thermal Insulation
aerolite thermal insulation

Aerolite Thermal Insulation is one of the oldest forms of Roof Insulation in the world today. In fact, the Think Pink Aerolite is one of the world’s most tested Roof Insulation products.

Aerolite Roof Insulation has been on the market for close to 100 years. The modern-day Aerolite has evolved to be one of the best Roof Insulation types. The benefits of Aerolite Thermal Insulation for homeowners and business are excellent.

What is Aerolite Thermal Insulation?

Aerolite Thermal Insulation manufactured from 80% recycled glass bottles and 20% naturally occurring silica sand. This puts this Insulation in the Eco-friendly Roof Insulation bracket.

  • Aerolite is manufactured to the highest international standards and is also SABS approved.
  • In fact, this Roof Insulation product is manufactured worldwide in many countries by the largest Insulation manufacturer in the world.
  • Aerolite Thermal Insulation is compression packed to reduce space.
  • Great for transporting as the product can be loaded more efficiently reducing transportation carbon footprint.
  • Aerolite Insulation manufactured in South Africa, so no shipping is required.

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Aerolite Thermal Insulation Benefits

  1. Energy saving as a result of reducing the need for expensive energy for cooling and heating.
  2. Cooler, in summer by 4 to 8 degrees C.
  3. Warmer in winter
  4. Reduce noise pollution as Aerolite has an NRC 1.1 ( Noise Reduction Coefficient). Great for reducing noise levels in the home from traffic or noisy neighbours.
  5. One of the best fire ratings in the industry with a Class A/1 fire rating. In fact, Aerolite will not burn. Even with a blow torch, this Roof Insulation will not be able to create a flame.

What is Thermal Insulation?

  • Thermal Insulation is and Insulation type that will reduce heat loss or heat gain.
  • In fact, thermal insulation is not only installed in homes but offices and factories as well.
  • Thermal Insulation Products used in all forms of industry to save on the energy.
  • Making way for more profitability to companies as a result of energy saving.
  • As a result manufacturing plants save money reducing the cost of the product to consumers.
  • In fact, this applies to homeowners as the Aerolite Thermal Insulation will save on the need for expensive energy consumption giving homeowners lifelong energy-saving benefits.
  • In Roofs Thermal Insulation is a lower density than the Thermal Insulation for Industry.
  • The Aerolite Thermal Insulation is a 12kg density insulation product.

How does Aerolite Thermal Insulation Work?


  • Installing Aerolite directly on the ceiling in the roof space covering all areas of the roof space reduces heat loss and gain.
  • The Aerolite acts as a barrier between the very hot ceiling and the cooler home in summer.
  • In fact, in many homes, the ceiling temperature can be as high as 55 degrees on a hot summer day.
  • However, the internal wall could measure 28 degrees c.
  • Having the Aerolite Roof Insulation Installed means that homeowners will reduce the potential for the hot ceiling to warm up the home.
  • The hot ceiling acts as a barrier and will reduce the heat radiating from the ceiling, as much as 90%.
  • This will make your home 4 to 8 degrees cooler in summer.


  • In winter the ceiling space is cold.
  • Installing Aerolite Roof Insulation will prevent the warm air in the home from being lost to the cold roof space.
  • Therefore, reducing the need for energy consumption.
  • In fact, homes insulated correctly will not need much heating if any.

As with any specialist when installing Thermal Insulation always use the services of Aerolite Installers that specialise in Roof Insulation. The fact is any insulation installed in your roof space is wasted if not installed correctly. We have seen many installations that were so badly installed giving the homeowner almost no benefit and in fact in some homes making the situation even worse.

What is The Correct Aerolite Insulation to Install?

In all homes in the Western Cape, the135 mm Aerolite must be installed. This Insulation is SANS compliant and achieves the recommended R-value 3.70 when installed. The R-value of the Aerolite is essential as the higher the R-value, the better the performance of the Roof Insulation.

South Africa has been divided into different zones and all new homes must have Thermal Insulation installed as compulsory as of January 2013. In fact, the Western Cape, as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria including Midrand must also install Thermal Insulation of 3.70 as per the legislation. Read more here on what R-value means as R-value is the most important factor in any Roof Insulation. Home Insulation is an essential part of energy saving in any home.

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