Aerolite vs Isotherm All You Need To Know

Aerolite vs Isotherm is all you need to know when selecting thermal insulation for your home in 2021. Thermal insulation for roofs is compulsory in all new homes. We base our comparison on 30 years of experience in the domestic and industrial insulation market.

In the past Isotherm, Insulation was one of our favourite thermal insulation products. However, in the last few years, we have been very disappointed by the slow decline in the product.

In our position as Insulation Installers for more than 30 years we are concerned about this situation. For this reason, we do not readily install the Isotherm Insulation. We have sourced a compliant version of polyester insulation.

Aerolite Insulation

The 5 Star Choice

Highest grade thermal insulation now manufactured with TEL Fiberizing technology for enhanced performance.

Isotherm Insulation

The 3 Star Choice

Isotherm Insulation is a polyester type thermal insulation for roofs and is dust-free and allergy-free.


Aerolite 25 Points

Isotherm 16 Points

135mm Aerolite Insulation R-value

Aerolite Insulation is not Only SANS compliant; it exceeds the required R-value of 3.70

Aerolite Fire Rating

A/A 1/1 Non-combustible 

135mm Isotherm R-value

Isotherm Insulation is not SANS compliant; it falls short of the require R-value 3.70 for the Western Cape region.

Isotherm Fire Rating

B/B 1/2 Combustible 

Sadly Isotherm is no longer SABS approved or tested.