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Alternative energy sources
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There are so many Benefits in Renewable energy sources. Just to compare old forms of energy sources to the new alternative energy benefitsenergy efficient and eco-friendly products. The reason for all the alternative energy sources is clearly mankind’s hurry to try and reverse the devastation that we have caused with all the previous energy sources. Our planet is under threat and potentially our future generation would be left with devastation including a land loss as well as climate change. Finding Alternative Energy Sources that are more friendly to our environment.

Our planet is under threat and potentially our future generation would be left with devastation including a land loss as well as climate change. Finding Alternative Energy Sources that are more friendly to our environment.

As discussed in this post this could be the beginning of wars and starvation on a level never seen before.

Are Intense Storms Linked to Climate Change?

The answer is a simple yes. The entire Atmosphere is a joint venture between Nature and Humanity. Fossil fuels have brought enormous economic growth. This is precisely the reason why all countries are looking at alternative energy sources. The race to save our planet for future generations hangs in the balance. Global warming is real there is no way around this other than reducing our CO2 emissions.

  • As a result, there is now 40% more Carbon Dioxide
  •  And 150% more Methane in the air than two centuries ago.
  • An entirely new heat-trapping like HFC which ironically is used for refrigeration. These gasses are also affecting the environment and are messing with our daily weather.
  • In 2003 parts of Europe experienced their hottest summer in 500 years. In fact, more than 200 people died.
  • Recently 500 deaths in Paris were blamed on climate change.
  • It is not only heat that is reaching extremes. Flooding has caused concern, as well as more than 75mm of rain, fell on Southern Louisiana in 3 days. In August 2016. Thirteen people were killed. This heavy rain was extremely unusual for this region.
  • As Bloomberg says Global warming has put storms on steroids.
  • Superstorm Sandy caused over 50 billion Dollars in damage.
  • It rode ashore on an ocean that was warmer and higher because of climate change.
  • Global warming is already contributing to 75% of extreme heat events over land.
  • And nearly 20% of precipitation events.
  • These facts are based on Bloomberg findings.

Coal Power Alternative Energy Source

Coal Power is the world’s biggest source of Carbon emissions. And as we are all aware coal power is the biggest contributor to Global Warming.

Efforts to cut coal usage has been slow in some countries. In fact, up to 40% of energy is still derived from coal because it is cheap.

The fact is burning coal produces almost twice the amount of Carbon Monoxide as natural gas and 28% more pollutants than heating oil.

Some are now claiming that clean coal will reduce these emissions by up to 90%. This theory has not been tested. And most scientists believe coal should be left underground where it belongs.

Solar Power and Wind Turbines

Solar Power and Wind Turbines have grown in massive leaps and bounds in the last few years. As all of us on earth realize that energy and certain types of energy are destroying our planet.

There are many benefits for the countries wanting to use alternative energy sources.

  • Solar and Wind-Powered jobs are growing 12 times faster than any other industries.
  • The fact is Wind Turbine technicians is the fastest growing profession in the USA.
  • Clean energy and sustainability have created over 600 000 jobs since 2011. In contrast, the fossil fuel industry has been losing jobs since 2012.
  • On top of the rapidly growing job market, the cost of solar energy is getting much cheaper.
  • Solar panel production costs have dropped by 72% from 2010 to 2015.
  • Wind turbines are also the most cost-effective energy source. Almost a quarter the cost of Solar power.
  • Solar power is great for the environment just as wind power is. However, the cost per KW hour is four times the price. The other problem is that solar power is not as effective when one takes the long winters and rain into account.

Wind Turbines

Reading a story on renewable energy sources I was shocked to hear that Australia now has over 70 wind farms. With almost 1700 wind turbines on them.

These Wind Turbines power enough energy for 1.3 million homes. As we all know the wind-generated power and solar power will have days when they will not produce energy be it from lack of sun or wind.

As we know Wind Turbines and Solar Panels are not good looking on homes. However, the fact that they create a more green and eco-friendly environment makes this worthwhile.

In 2016 the state of Iowa a national leader in the wind power.

  • First in Share of wind energy.
  • Second in installed wind capacity.
  • In 2016 Iowa got 36.6% of its total power from wind.
  • This is equal to 1.85 million homes powered by wind.
  • There are nearly 4000 wind turbines in Iowa.

One wonders what the impact of harnessing the wind for energy would be in South Africa. Instead, we seem to only look at options that would line the pockets of greedy politicians. When all South Africans would benefit. And the biggest beneficiary would be our environment.

Hydrogen Power is a Great Alternative Energy

Australia is currently on the forefront developing ways to transport Hydrogen more economically. They have worked out a way to purify Hydrogen. When the Hydrogen is manufactured it is manufactured with other by-products.

Removing some of these products and leaving the ammonia that is a higher density product reduces transportation costs. This now means ammonia can be transported in a more cost-effective manner.

The ammonia is then converted on site with the new method used by Australia to create high-grade Hydrogen. This is ideal for cars and trucks. In time this will be the most cost-effective fuel in the world to propel our vehicles.

This alone will be one of the best ways of saving our environmental impact with the reduction of carbon monoxide. The day we can stop the use of standard fuels and diesel for our transport will be one of the best days for planet earth.

Until the Hydrogen is purified it can’t be used for transport. Hydrogen is manufactured from ammonia as well as natural gas and fossil fuels. These products will easily be harvested in this new method that the Australians have invented.

One of the main factors for the use of Hydrogen is that there is no pollution. The only waste on this product is water instead of the dilemma that standard motor fuels leave us with.

Their plans have been given a boost by a CSIRO-developed metal membrane, which allows the high-purity hydrogen, needed for hydrogen-powered cars, to be separated from ammonia.

There are a vast number of Hydrogen driven vehicles and Taxis in Asia and Europe. Filling stations are popping up all over and very soon this will be the fuel of the future.

In fact, 75% of all mass in the universe is made up of hydrogen.

Transporting Hydrogen More Cost-Effectively

As we know Hydrogen is a great form of energy and there is plenty of it. In fact, 75% of the universe is made up of Hydrogen. And this is why harnessing the Alternative Energy is critical.

In fact, transporting Hydrogen over long distances is very difficult because of the very low density of the product. Ammonia seems to be the easiest way to transport the product to countries like Japan and Asia. This is because it has a higher quality Hydrogen than standard mined Hydrogen.

So, by transporting the Ammonia makes more sense as the best product to use as fuel in cars and trucks is a very pure Hydrogen Fuel. Ammonia can be converted at the delivered destination into the purest form. This also means transport costs are way lower.

What is Needed to Produce Hydrogen

Hot sunny weather and lots of wind are the main factors in manufacturing Hydrogen. This is where South Africa seem miles behind. We have vast areas of hot dry land as well as loads of wind in the Western Cape.

More Energy Saving Products

Having more ways to save energy is just as important as the alternative energy sources. How is this if the products listed above are so good and are reducing harmful emissions that will destroy our planet.

Reducing the potential to use more energy will help the renewable energy benefits by reducing the need for more energy.

Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows will reduce heat gain as well as heat loss in the home. This means that the need for energy in summer or winter is reduced substantially. In fact, double glazed windows are the best way to reduce air leakage in the home. By reducing the amount of heating and cooling in the home puts less pressure on Alternative Energy Sources.

Building Energy Efficient Homes

Most modern-day homes are taking energy efficiency into account. However, there is a lot more that can be done to make homes more energy efficient.

Underfloor Insulation like high-density Polystyrene before the floor slab is cast will reduce chilly air from below entering the home.

Wall cavity products like Polystyrene or Isoboard would be ideal to install in the wall cavity space. This is for brick walls. This will reduce heat loss and heat gain substantially. In homes with the standard cavity space, hot days will allow the heat to travel through the walls. This heat will be retained for hours after dark.

The Insulated wall will stop this heat gain. In so doing this will reduce the need for air-conditioning.

Wooden homes with Cavity Batt insulation and underfloor insulation will be far more energy efficient than a brick in most cases. Roof Insulation Products that are SANS compliant will reduce the need for energy.