Benefits of Aerolite Insulation in the S.A Energy Crisis
Benefits of Aerolite Ins south africas energy crissis

As the cold winter creeps up on us we suddenly realize that our homes are becoming very cold. As a result, we start looking at energy saving measures and ways to make our home warmer in winter without using large amounts of energy. In fact, as a result of energy shortages in South Africa, all homes must now be insulated with the correct thickness insulation for the specific region that you live in. As a result, the thought of Aerolite Roof Insulation ends up being a reality.

aerolite roof insulationWe have seen and read in the media certain parts of South Africa. Including Gauteng and Cape Town have already been running out of energy. Shop owners have lost millions in Gauteng already. This legislation does not affect existing homes and buildings.

However, it will probably soon be legislated that when you sell your home, you would have to have a compliance certificate for your insulation. In fact, this would mean that homes with insulation under the correct Rvalues will have to have to top up insulation installed for this to be compliant.

With the new SANS legislation, the Western Cape Region falls into a category where we need to have a minimum R-value of 3.70 installed in roofs and ceiling.

Aerolite Roof Insulation Western Cape Pty Ltd have taken the options of using one the best insulation products available in our opinion.

Facts about Aerolite Roof Insulation

In fact, homes that have had the old 50mm Aerolite insulation installed in their roofs 25 years ago. Are now doing a 100mm top up of Aerolite Insulation to make their homes SANS compliant.

  • The Class A/1 Fire Rating means Aerolite insulation does not burn.
  • No associated health risks know with Aerolite insulation.
  • In fact, Aerolite insulation does not contain any form of asbestos. In fact, it is made from 80% recycled glass and naturally occurring silica sand. Making Aerolite an eco-friendly insulation.
  • Aerolite Ceiling insulation is also very effective as an acoustic insulation especially in homes with metal roofs.
  • It is a fact that Aerolite insulation will have a massive effect on controlling the effects of the summer heat. Keeping your home cool.
  • Aerolite insulation will control the temperature in your home. Preventing the warm air in your home from being lost to the cold roof space via the ceiling.
  • Aerolite Insulation will pay for itself in about 2 or 3 years just from your energy savings
  • Roof Insulation is Professional Roof Insulation Installers.