Modern RhinoBoard Ceiling


  Ceilings create a barrier between the hot roofing and the home by blocking a large part of the radiant heat from the roof. Every

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Aerolite vs Isotherm

Aerolite vs Isotherm All You Need To Know Aerolite vs Isotherm is all you need to know when selecting thermal insulation for your home in

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Things to consider when building a new home

Things To Consider When Building a New House

Building your new dream home is exciting. Our homes are mostly our single most significant investment for most people. For this reason, we have formulated a list of essential things to consider when building a new house. We have all these fantastic ideas about how good the home must look. And that’s great, but there are a few practical things that we do not think will cost a lot more after the build has taken place. Very seldom will homeowners look back after a year of living in the new home say we did everything we wanted?

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Garage Roof insulation

Insulation For Garage Roof

Insulation for garage roofs is very popular as most garages do not have insulation. In fact, even the new building legislation does not include. (Insulation

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An architect with drafting a plan to turn an attic into an extra bedroom

What Are The Different Types Of Insulation?

There are many types of roof insulation on the market today. Having said that not all insulation products are equal. We have a look at a number of thermal insulation products for roofs and how they will help you. Installing good quality insulation will not only improve indoor temperature. Importantly one can also expect a lifetime of home comfort and energy saving.

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Hydroelectric Power

Throughout history, people have been using rivers and streams to help them in their work. For example, ancient civilizations used the energy of river currents

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energy start appliances


You can save a lot of money on your energy bill if you replace your old appliances with Energy Star Appliances. A house full of older

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Saving Energy At Home


South Africans have woken up to the need to save energy and they know they have to change their ways. Environmentally friendly options and resources

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Home Energy saving Tips

Home Energy Saving Tips

Reduce your carbon footprint, pay less on utilities and save money by making your home a little greener. Buying a new Green home or splashing

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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Power consumption has become expensive in SA over the last few years. In fact, our utility bills are climbing a few times a year as

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borehole water

Borehole Water Cape Town

Borehole Water Experiencing a severe drought forever changes the way you view water and its usage. Gone are the days of mindlessly opening a tap

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RotoTank for Greywater Harvesting

Grey Water Harvesting

With water shortages worldwide because of increased industrialization and Global Warming, we are all looking into water-saving alternatives. For this reason, governments and other stakeholders

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Double Glazing Window Benefits


Let’s look at the many double glazing benefits. Because of the cold climate, most European countries, including the Soviet Union, all have double glazed windows.

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Ceiling mould


A question regularly asked, especially as winter approaches is “how to prevent condensation and mould in the home”. There are many reasons why some homes

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