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Roof Ventilation
Affordable Ways To Cool Your Home In Summer

Affordable Ways to Cool Your Home In Summer

Living in South Africa, we all know about the heat in summer. In some areas of South Africa, we have scorching areas were temperatures between 35 and 45 Deg are common during the day. However, after dark, the temperature drops, and it is fresh out but hot indoors. Let us look at a few affordable ways to cool your home in summer. When we go…

Ways to Reduce Ceiling Mould and Condensation

Ways to Reduce Ceiling Mould and Condensation

Excess moisture can wreak havoc on your home and cause severe condensation buildup and dangerous mould. If you’re coping with ceiling mould and other issues, how can you remedy this problem effectively? This helpful guide will explain some ways you can improve your roof’s condition and reduce the presence of condensation and mould for a healthier home and a more secure structure. Condensation Explained Before…

Whirlybird Roof Ventilation For Roofs


The best way to keep a roof system working well and to help avoid the issues mentioned above is to install WhirlyBird Roof Ventilation. Adequate roof ventilation creates a balanced system using ridge vents or other exhaust vents in conjunction with intake vents installed at the eave, soffit, or fascia area of the roof. Intake ventilation is critical in ensuring the exhaust vents function correctly.…
borehole water

Borehole Water Cape Town

Experiencing a severe drought forever changes the way you view water and its usage. Gone are the days of mindlessly opening a tap and letting it run unheeded. Relying on the council alone to supply water is out of the question; as a result, borehole water has become very popular. Finding alternative sources of water has become the buzzword of the day. Knowledge about boreholes is critical.…