Cavitybatt Insulation

Cavitybatt insulation is the perfect solution for drywalling. Installing Cavitybatt or Cavitylite insulation between drywall skins improves indoor temperature as well as noise pollution. The glass wool insulation is a high density thermal and acoustic insulation.

Benefits Of Cavitybatt and Cavitylite

  • Improves indoor temperature
  • Soundproofing and acoustic benefits

What are Cavitybatt and Cavitylite Insulation Applications

  • Installed between Drywall skins
  • Soundproofing walls in the office and boardroom
  • Between walls in new homes
  • Timber home insulation


Cavitybatt insulation is a semi-rigid glass wool insulation board with dimensions of 600mmx1200mm. These insulation boards are perfectly suited for drywalling as the 600mm width fits perfectly between the upright beams at 600mm centres.

The Cavitybatt is available in 52mm, 63mm and 102mm thicknesses.


The Cavitylite is the roll form option 1200mm wide split at 600mm for use between the walls. The Cavitybatt and the Cavitylite rolls are laminated with a fine mesh on one side for support and strength between walls. Why is the mesh important? The importance of the mesh is to prevent the insulation from collapsing with time.