Ceilings create a barrier between the hot roofing and the home by blocking a large part of the radiant heat from the roof. Every home needs one, and there are many types of Ceilings on the market. We have many options in South Africa, from PVC Boards to XPS Summit Thermal Insulation boards.

One of the most important factors when selecting a ceiling for your house is that it will be there for years. We can decide on the type of ceiling we wish with our choices. We want to show you all the options and how they will affect your lifestyle or budget.

What to Consider Before Making Your Ceiling Choice

  • Our budget is the first guiding factor when making our choice.
  • Secondly, it must have a long lifespan.

What Are The Types Of Ceiling Boards?

Aso, there are Acoustic and Thermal boards. Some Boards are class A/A 1/1, and others are rated B/B 1/2. So one is not combustible, and the other is.

  • Rhino Board Ceiling Boards or “Gyprock” have been the traditional option in most homes for more than 70 years. RhinoBoard is plasterboard; it consists of an aerated or foamed gypsum core encased and firmly bonded with special paper liners.
  • Summit XPS or Isoboard Thermal Boards. These Extruded or XPS Boards are available from 30mm thick to 80mm thick. All boards are a standard 600mm wide and as an “Isopine Tongue and Groove” or plain option.
  • Skimmed Ceilings are a combination of RhinoBoard and skimmed Crestone.
  • Suspended ceiling boards for offices and homes are available as standard and acoustic boards.
  • Reeds make a great rustic ceiling look.

Budget Options

  • Nutec
  • PVC
Stunning Rhinoboard ceilings
Stunning Rhinoboard


RhinoBoard or Gyprock

RhinoBoard is one of the oldest options. It is still one of the best options for all homes as it can be modified for many options.

  • Standard Rhinoboard option
  • Acoustic and soundproofing
  • Dropped ceiling
  • Bulkhead

RhinoBoard Sizes

THICKNESS: The standard thickness for most applications is 6.4mm thick, followed by the 9mm option. There is also a 12.5mm Thick RhinoBoard; however, we will use it for Drywalling.

WIDTH: The two standard widths are 1200mm or 900mm

RhinoBoard Price

RhinoBoard is the most affordable high-quality ceiling available. The boards are 900 and 1200mm wide. The RhinoBoard price per m2 starts @ R 85.00 excl vat.

Loft Room with Isoboard Tongue and groove
Loft Room with Isoboard Tongue and groove


Summit XPS and Isoboard Ceilings

These boards are the latest fashion in many new developments. Because XPS has great Thermal Insulation benefits, Isoboard has become the ceiling of choice in many new building developments.

What are Summit XPS Board Sizes?

  • The board sizes are 25mm/30mm/40mm/50mm/60mm and 70mm in thickness.
  • The width of the boards is 600
  • Board length varies from 1.8m up to a maximum of 8m.

Isoboard and Summit XPS Board Prices

Because there are several thicknesses and lengths, we prefer to work on the m2 price for Isoboard. Supply only on Summit XPS price from R85.00me ex vat for the 25mm Isoboard & Summit XPS boards.

Suspended Ceiling
Suspended Ceiling Tiles


Suspended Ceiling Options

The standard Suspended Ceilings are 600×600 or 600x1200mm. These boards are 12.55mm RhinoBoard with a clean white facing on one side. The Suspended Ceiling boards are great for offices, shopping malls and homes.

acoustic TILES
acoustic TILES


Suspended Ceiling Acoustic Tiles

A high-density glasswool suspended board pannel is great for soundproofing and acoustics. Ideal usage is doctors’ rooms and board rooms. The thickness of Acoustic Ceiling tiles is 25mm,30mm, 40mm and 50mm. The Acoustic Panels are either 600×600 or 600x1200mm.

Suspended Ceiling Board Prices

The 600×600 panels cost R 49.00 excluding vat, and the 600x1200mm Boards cost R 98.00 each excluding vat. Please note the acoustic boards are more expensive, ranging from R 150.00 per 1200×600 board.

Custom Ceiling with reeds
Custom Ceiling with reeds



The Reeds option is great for a rustic look and ideal for pubs and clubs.

High Gloss PVC boards
High Gloss PVC boards


PVC Ceiling Boards

PVC boards are mostly for entry-level homes. These Boards are ideal for low-cost options as they have a shorter lifespan. We do not install PVC boards as it is an entry-level ceiling for low-cost housing.

Nutec Ceiling Boards

Similar to the PVC option, these panels are not well known, and we don’t regard NUTEC as an option for most applications. Nutec is a fibre. Cement board.


Installing a Ceiling is not an ideal DIY application. In most cases, it will work out cheaper to use the services of a qualified Installer. There are many tips and tricks to ensure a great finish.


We have so many options for the design and fitting. It has become a work of art for many installers in the last few years.