• In fact, Cellulose fibre removal has always been difficult to remove as we have always had to do this manually.
  • The removal of old cellulose fibre insulation, unfortunately, gets very difficult when water has been absorbed by the insulation.
  • Removal is affected as the insulation sometimes forms hard chunks and can’t be vacuumed out of the roof.
  • The removal process would be changed to breaking the solid sections down and removing them in smaller pieces.
Insulation Removal

Cellulose Fibre Removal in Roofs

  • In fact, many homes in the Cape the wind and moisture are a big factor for cellulose fibre removal.
  • Some roofs allow a substantial amount of wind to blow through and because cellulose is a loose-fill type insulation it can be blown around in the ceiling and this is a common reason for cellulose fibre removal.
  • Where roofs are damaged or cornice peaces have pulled away from the wall the dust falls down and cellulose fibre removal is then an option..
  • Some clients have realized that as the cellulose fibre ages it loses a lot of it fire retardant chemicals and this can become a problem.
  • Because Cellulose fibre is a fine dust like paper, in roofs that tend to have leaks the leak is not easily detected as the paper absorbs the water and the insulation can become very heavy.
  • Wet paper on a ceiling can cause mould.
  • In recent years cellulose installers have been fitting tapered cones over down lights to prevent the dust from blowing onto the down lights and this has been a good change in the installation process.
  • A few years ago installers of cellulose fibre would have covered the entire ceiling area. As homeowners fitted down lights they were not aware of the hazards of the paper over the down lights.
  • As we know some downlights can reach temperatures of 270 deg up to 320 deg.
  • Even the roll form insulations need to have a breathing hole over the down lights.
Cellulose fibre removal

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