How to Install Ceiling Insulation
how to install ceiling insulation

How to Install Ceiling Insulation Guide for those that would like to tackle this as a DIY option. It is important to remember that any insulation that you decide to install must be installed 100% correctly to get the best result. Ceiling Insulation not installed correctly is absolutely wasted if not done correctly.

How to Install Ceiling Insulation Guide

How to Install Isotherm Ceiling Insulation for the DIY guy. This guide will give you more info on how to tackle the task ahead as well as what to watch out to install ceiling insulation

In fact, Isotherm is the best Insulation product for a DIY option as Isotherm is Dust free, Itch-free, Allergy-free Insulation. With Isotherm Insulation we have different roll sizes for different beam widths. This makes the Isotherm Installation a lot easier and more financially beneficial as wastage is cut down quite substantially.

How to Install Aerolite Ceiling Insulation in the ceiling. This guide will give you more info on how best to tackle this application. Think Pink Aerolite is a little more difficult to install as a DIY option. As it is fibreglass and will make you itch when installing. Also, there will be a bit of wastage with the cutting etc.

For more info on how to Install Ceiling Insulation, you are welcome to call Peter directly. For info on the Installation if the product is bought directly from Roof Insulation Cape. Our pricing on Installations as well as supply only are unmatched as we purchase all products in huge volumes.

In the Guide How to Install Ceiling Insulation, we cover the correct thickness insulation for the regions that you live in.

Western Cape including the Karoo region, Mosselbay, Hermanus and all other Western Cape regions as well as Johannesburg, Pretoria, Midrand, Rustenburg, must have insulation achieving an R-value of 3.70. This will be found with the Isotherm Insulation as well as the Aerolite Insulation.