Energy Saving

With the cost of electricity spiralling in South Africa and, word-wide energy-saving solutions in the home are being investigated by many homeowners. Find out more about effective Energy Saving Tips.

For this reason, energy-saving is applied in most homes to reduce energy costs.

Types Of Energy Saving Tips

  • Alternative energy sources
  • Roof Insulation improves indoor temperature 4-8 degrees in summer and winter.
  • Double Glazed windows reduce heat loss and gain in the home as much as 35%.
  • Heavy curtains reduce the heat entering the home via the windows with standard windows.
  • Cooking with gas saves a substantial amount of energy.

Benefits Of Energy Saving

By reducing the need for heating and cooling, we not only save money. Most importantly, we also reduce our carbon footprint.

With this in mind, many homeowners purchasing new homes will look at the most important factors in deciding. Homeowners now look for Solar heating as well as insulated roofs and double glazed windows.

Wind turbines on the left and solar panels on the right, as one of the best home renewable energy options

Home Renewable Energy Options you Need to Hear About

A general tendency toward economical and eco-friendly energy solutions is not news. For years, people have been considering using different “green” energy-producing options for their homes. They want sustainable homes based on some of the renewable and clean energy sources. Something that, in most cases, produces low to zero carbon emission, if possible. If you, …

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Hydroelectric Power

Throughout history, people have been using rivers and streams to help them in their work. For example, ancient civilizations used the energy of river currents to crush grain and make low-fat bran muffins. Others used the power of moving water to drive mills for grinding grains into flour. Hydroelectric Power Advantages will be covered in …

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ways to improve home energy efficiency

Ways To Improve Home Energy Efficiency

We look at several ways to improve home energy efficiency to reduce energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. With global warming and climate change affecting our planet, we are all trying to do our bit to reduce our impact on the earth. Having said that, there are many factors to take into account. For …

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10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity

10 Easy Ways To Save Electricity

Electricity has become expensive worldwide. With Global Warming and Climate Change affecting our planet, reducing the amount of power we consume in our homes and businesses has become even more critical. Importantly energy saving results in an improved back balance. We look at ten easy ways to save electricity in the house. Above all, electricity …

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energy start appliances


You can save a lot of money on your energy bill if you replace your old appliances with Energy Star Appliances. A house full of older appliances is keeping your electricity bill high. Global Warming and Climate Change Replacing your appliances with appliances that have Energy Star Appliances will reduce your energy bill. Older appliances also break …


3 best energy saving tips

Three Best Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

As we are all aware, our planet has been changing radically in the last few years due to Global Warming and Climate Change. The Arctic ice caps are being fundamentally affected by global warming. For more information on Global Warming and Climate Change, read these articles. In this post, we are looking at the three …

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energy saving solutions

10 Energy Saving Solutions For Your Home That Will Really Save You Money

Want to know how to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer without having a crazy electric bill? Energy-saving solutions come in all shapes and sizes. Some can save you just a little. Others will save you a lot. Let’s explore some energy-saving solutions that can really save you a lot of …

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best roof insulation

How the Best Roof Insulation Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient

There are many ways to make your home energy-efficient. You can start with simple steps such as replacing old appliances or switching to LED bulbs. Or you can implement an energy-efficient home design if you’re still in the initial stages of building your home. Make sure to install the Best Roof Insulation for years of energy …

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Home Insulation Energy Saving Benefits


There are three basic types of home insulation. Your home needs to be heated and cooled, and this uses energy and energy costs money. In South Africa, that money spent on heating and cooling is often money down the drain. The money is wasted because the house or property is not insulated sufficiently or not …


energy efficient wooden homes


If you want to build economical homes that are eco-friendly, then build energy-efficient wooden dwellings. In most cases building a wooden house or an American style home is more economical to build. The reason why wooden homes are far more energy-efficient is that all walls are insulated and roof space. Here are a few tips …


Saving Energy At Home


South Africans have woken up to the need to save energy and they know they have to change their ways. Environmentally friendly options and resources have become something many are looking for. Load shedding scared people into making changes, people felt the pain both practically and financially. Today water restrictions and the equivalent of load …


Home Energy saving Tips

Home Energy Saving Tips

Reduce your carbon footprint, pay less on utilities and save money by making your home a little greener. Buying a new Green home or splashing out on expensive equipment and alterations are not necessary. Follow these simple tips to save energy at home and join the green revolution. The home energy saving tips will hopefully …

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Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Power consumption has become expensive in SA over the last few years. In fact, our utility bills are climbing a few times a year as ESKOM struggles to supply the needs of the country. Here are a few economical tips that will save energy at an affordable price. We have listed a few energy saving …

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