Factory Roof insulation is basically Aerolite with Foil laminated to the Insulation. The Factorylite insulation is installed in factory spaces or massive hyper stores. The foil section faces downwards and the insulation faces the roof area. The fact is that factorylite will reduce the impact of radiant heat via the roof by as much as 90%.

What Is Factorylite Insulation

Factorylite roof insulation is specifically designed for factory roofs. The insulation is glasswool and is available in sizes from 50mm thick to 135mm. The factory insulation is fitted tyo the underside of factory roofs. For this reason Factorylite insulation is laminated with a silver foil. For the record the silver foil is merely a carrier for the factorylite. In most industrial plants and shopping malls one the foil faces down and the insulation faces the roof.

How is factorylite Installed?

Firstly before the insulation is fitted wire strainers must be installed at 200mm to 300mm apart. Secondly the Factorylite is rolled out above the wire strainers and then then the roof is fitted. The insulation will then stop the heat flow into the factory by as much as 90%.

In Factorylite retro fit applications we fit the wire strainers under the roof space between the metal Ibeams. In these applications it is a lot more labor intensive as the roof is already in place. Once the wires are fitted in place at the correct spacing we feed the insulation through with the foil facing downward.

Types Of Factory Roof Insulation

There are two main factory roof insulation products.

The first is the original Factorylite that has been onthe market for many years. Because of this the insulation has evolved to be one of the most advanced factory roof insulation products on the market.

The second factory insulation is the MBI this is verty similar to the Factorylite however it is a direct coppy. The benefits are identical

Factorylite Prices

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