Fix Your Freezing Cold Home This Winter

Fix Your Freezing Cold Home This Winter

So winter has arrived in full force and your home is freezing cold. How to fix a Freezing Cold Home. You light a fire to help but that’s expensive as wood burns so do the money in your pocket. Others try and warm up their homes with electric heaters. As we know this is expensive.

Typically Uninsulated homes will consume more than 40% energy than insulated homes. So what’s the plan to reduce your monthly spend on extra energy?

Let us have a look at what Roof Insulation Products will help fix a freezing cold home.will work best to keep your home warm.

The correct Thermal Insulation will fix a freezing cold home this winter.

Why Are Uninsulated Homes Costly To Keep Warm?

  • Firstly more than 40% of all your home’s energy is lost through the ceiling into the roof space.
  • An additional 25% energy loss is through window glass.
  • Secondly, some homes are classified as leaky homes.
  • This means that cold air from the outside of the home will leak into the home.
  • With all the energy loss in these homes, the first order of business is to Install Roof Insulation.
  • Uninsulated homes are costly to keep warm because of the amount of energy loss.
  • Installing Roof Insulation on your ceiling will reduce the temperature in summer by 4 to 8 degrees c.
  • And about the same for winter.
  • In fact what this means is far less energy is needed to keep your home warm.
  • Even when heating the home in winter an insulated home will use far less energy to keep the entire home warm.
  • It has been estimated that an insulated roof should recover the cost of heating and cooling in two to three years.

How To Fix a Freezing Cold Home For Winter.

There are many Roof Insulation Products on the market. So what Roof Insulation would be the best to install? There are many Roof Insulation Products on the market in South Africa. Below are a few tips on How to fix a freezing cold home.

Installing the correct insulation is very important as this should be a once of cost with years of energy saving.

Roof Insulation Products should be SABS approved and should not be affected by the wind.

Typically what comes to mind is the pumped in Cellulose fiber type insulation products that are like loose paper dust.

Installing roll form insulation is far more beneficial as this does not get affected by wind and water.

Making sure that the products that are installing in the roof space are SANS compliant as per the new legislation and have a long lifespan.

Double Glazed Windows

  • Double Glazed Windows are also a huge benefit for energy saving.
  • In fact, with 25% of energy lost through the glass, this will reduce this loss substantially.
  • Unfortunately, Double Glazed Windows are no to cheap in South Africa and can run into a few hundred thousand rands for an average home.
  • However, the comfort level and heat loss or gain reductions are great.

Is There An Alternative that Might Help Reduce Loss Through Windows?

  • The only other option that will help is to have very heavy curtaining installed on all windows.
  • This will act as an insulation barrier between the cold window and the curtains.
  • In effect reducing the energy loss through these areas.
  • Another point to consider is a leaking window.
  • In fact, it is important to try and seal off the cold air from entering the home.
  • So these few easy steps will reduce heat loss and gain in the home.
  • A  Comfortable home is a happy healthy home.
  • So fix your Freezing Cold Home and have a happy healthy family.

Aerolite Roof Insulation Products

  • The Aerolite Roof Insulation is a class product compared to the old Aerolite Roof Insulation from years ago.
  • In fact, this insulation is today manufactured by the largest Insulation manufacturer in the world.
  • Aerolite has the best fire rating of all Roof Insulation products.
  • With a fire rating Class A/1.
  • This Roof Insulation product will not burn.
  • In fact even when exposed to a blowtorch the insulation will not ignite.
  • Aerolite Thermal Insulation properties are great.
  • In fact,  135mm Aerolite Thermal Insulation has an R-value 3.78 when installed.
  • This is great as the Insulation has the ability to reduce energy loss via the ceiling by as much as 90%.
  • Saving on energy and keeping warm in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Aerolite Roof Insulation has great soundproofing qualities.
  • In fact, the 135mm Aerolite Roof Insulation has a Noise Reduction Coefficient NRC 1.1.
  • This is great for soundproofing and reducing the impact of noise pollution from neighbors or road traffic.

Isotherm Roof Insulation Products

  • The Isotherm Roof Insulation is a polyester-based insulation product.
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Isotherm Roof Insulation is dust free and allergy free roof insulation.
  • However, the only downfall is the fire rating Class B/B 1/2 this means the product will not sustain a flame.
  • The Isotherm will burn with a flame but will not continue to burn when there is no flame.
  • Isotherm Thermal Insulation is great for saving energy.
  • In fact, the Isotherm Thermal Insulation will also reduce the heat loss or gain by as much as 90%.
  • This is great as there are lifelong energy saving benefits thereafter.
  • An added bonus is that Isotherm Roof Insulation has a 30-year manufacturer guarantee.
  • The perfect thickness to install is the 145mm Isotherm Thermal Insulation.
  • This thickness will give you the recommended R-value of 3.70 when installed.