freezing cold winters


As the winter approaches, Cape Town homeowners start to batten down the hatches so to speak. The Cape Town region is well known for freezing cold winters and driving rain. As we know Cape Town is also well known for its strong winds.

Combining the freezing cold winters with loads of rain and howling wind make for a very cold living. How do we take the bite out of this cold weather in our homes? With Climate Change effecting the world climate insulation has become a major factor in improving the temperature in the home.

Yes its easy to put on warm clothes when going out, however when at home you want to relax in your nice warm home. This is not always possible as many homes are colder inside the home than what it is outside the home

How Do We Beat Freezing Cold Winters at Home

In this article, we will have a look at a few ways to reduce the impact of the freezing cold winters in our homes. We will have a look at ways of preventing the cold air coming into the home. As well as ways to store the warm air that is generated in the home.

As we are all aware heating and cooling is very expensive and is harmful to the environment. We need to look at ways to reduce the need for heating and cooling. Most importantly any form of heating and cooling fire or Electric heating is harmful to the environment.

So finding ways to almost be totally energy efficient in the home is possible in new buildings that are built with energy conservation in mind at the building stage. In existing homes, there are ways to improve the need for heating and cooling by following a few of these steps below.

How to Prevent Cold Air Entering the home through Windows

  • Firstly, check that all windows are sealed.
  • And by this, we mean no cold air should enter the home through the windows when closed.
  • In fact, an easy way to see if your windows are sealed is to use a lighter or a candle next to the window and if the flame flickers and moves there is a leak.
  • Why is it important to stop cold air leaking into the home?
  • If you have an outside temperature of 6 degrees C and this cold air is entering the home.
  • It means it is reducing the effect of the warm air that you have in the home.
  • As time goes the home will get colder.
  • Try and seal the windows so that when they are closed windows are sealed.
  • If this is not possible with very old style wooden window frames or metal windows we have a short-term solution.
  • This may however not look pretty, however, it will reduce the cold air flow.
  • The same masking tape that is used when painting the home can be fitted around the window frame to prevent freezing air entering the home.
  • This masking tape is easily removed with no making on the windows etc.
  • This is not the ideal solution however this will be effective.
  • Ideally, aluminium windows and best of all double glazed windows make an enormous difference.

Watch Out for Doors That Don’t Seal

  • Doors are another energy loss factor.
  • With doors, we suggest getting some door stoppers the long type that can be laid in front of the door to reduce the air flow under the door from entering the home.
  • Always remember even with Roof Insulation Installed in your home it will not give much of a benefit if you have freezing air leaks.

Heavy Curtain Will Help Beat the Freezing Cold

  • Closing curtains during the day and at night will reduce the ability of the warmth in the home being lost through the cold glass windows.
  • On a cold day or night remember the only object between your home and the freezing cold air outside is the thin glass window.
  • Installing heavy curtains will act as a barrier of at least 75mm to 100mm between the window and the curtains.
  • This will make a significant difference when wanting to keep the warm air stored inside the home.
  • In fact, the heavy curtaining will act as an insulation barrier between the window and the interior of the home.

Benefits of Installing Roof Insulation 

This is undoubtedly one of the best investments for any home. As we know it is compulsory in all new homes since 2012. In fact, because of the massive amounts of energy lost in most homes in order to warm up the home is why Roof Insulation is so popular. Roof Insulation products are designed to reduce the heat loss in the home in winter.

Insulation for roofs makes the home more comfortable because of the more moderate temperatures in the home. Therefore resulting in a cosy and far more healthy home in summer and in winter.

All insulation products for roofs must be SANS compliant. This means they will achieve a specific up and down heat saving in the home. Therefore reducing heat loss or gain substantially in any home.

In summer Roof Insulation Products will reduce the heat entering the home via the ceiling space. In fact, before any cooling is used most homes will be a good 4 to 8 degrees C cooler in summer. This, in fact, will reduce the need for expensive energy in the form of cooling in summer.

In freezing cold winters, we have the reverse the home will be warmer allowing for a warmer home in winter and in most cases, will reduce the need for expensive heating in the home.

Roof Insulation Products For A Warmer Home

  • In fact, there are a number of Roof Insulation products on the market in South Africa. As of January 2013, all Building Insulation  Materials must be SANS compliant and TIASA tested.
  • The reason for this legislation is to make sure that all homes are insulated with Roof Insulation that will save energy.
  • The energy crisis in South Africa and the rest of the world is why this legislation has come into effect.
  • Having the correct Roof Insulation Installed will reduce the need for heating and cooling.
  • In fact, if this legislation came into effect 15 years ago we would not have the energy crisis that South Africa now faces.


  • Ecose is imported from Knauff in Germany and is regarded as the best insulation in the world.
  • Manufactured to the highest international standards as well as the European manufacturing standards.
  • The Ecose insulation product is one of the safest Insulation and purest materials in the world.
  • Ecose in the only Ceiling Insulation that does not use Formaldehyde resin in the binding of the fibres.
  • Ecose is manufactured for Freezing cold winters in Germany.
  • Therefore the up R-value and the down R-value is one of the best available.

Aerolite Roof Insulation  

  • As we all know the Aerolite Roof Insulation is not only one of South Africa’s favourite Roof Insulation products but worldwide is a favourite.
  • In fact, the Aerolite Roof Insulation has always been known as Think Pink Aerolite with the old pink panther logo.
  • The 135mm Aerolite Roof Insulation is SANS compliant and will achieve the R-value 3.70 when installed.

Isotherm Roof Insulation

  • The Isotherm Roof Insulation is a polyester type insulation product that is dust free and allergy free.
  • The Isotherm Roof Insulation Installers in the Cape Town region typically install the 145mm Isotherm Roof Insulation.
  • As this Insulation has a great R-value and is one of the most effective Roof Insulation Products.
  • In fact, the Isotherm Roof Insulation Thermal properties are one of the best.
  • And of course, with this comes the 30-year guarantee.

Granric Roof Insulation

  • The Granric Roof Insulation is yellow in colour.
  • The Granric Roof Insulation is our product of choice for the cold winter months.
  • In fact, homes that are typically colder than most homes we would recommend installing the 135mm Granric Roof Insulation as this insulation has the highest R-value of all Roof Insulation types.
  • The Granric Roof Insulation is a glass Wool Roof Insulation.


Benefits Of Insulating Your Home with Our Roof Insulation Installers

Our Roof Insulation Installers are all well trained. We are passionate about what we do and we only install Roof Insulation Products that we believe in.

In fact, we are the only Roof Insulation Installers in the country that install all Roof Insulation products that have passed our test.

We will not install insulation products that we do not believe in. Our Roof Insulation Installers will install the Isotherm Insulation as well as the Granric Insulation and the Think Pink Aerolite.

  • All work supervised from start to finish.
  • All workmanship guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Comprehensive insurance on all work done for your peace of mind.
  • Our Roof Insulation Installers will make sure that you get the best possible result from the insulation installed.
  • When we leave your home, the house is clean and tidy as all work is done in a controlled manner.
  • Years of energy saving benefits.
  • Cool in summer.
  • Warm in winter. Reduce the impact of freezing cold winters. And save energy.