Geyser and Pipe Insulation

For consumers wanting to save more energy through geyser wrap and hot water pipe insulation. We offer the service of insulating hot water pipes in the home. In fact some home owners  even want cold water pipes insulated as this will prevent our little one getting hurt with very hot water in the cold taps in winter. In fact geyser pipe insulation is very affordable with years of energy saving.

Advantages of Geyser Pipe Insulation:

  • Fully enclosed-cell foam pipe insulation
  • Helps maintain the core temperature of liquids over extended periods of time. For hot and cold water pipes.
  • Reducing electricity costs and saving you long term.
  • Noticeably slows down heat loss in hot water pipes.
  • Reduces pipe water flow noise with Pipe Insulation.
  • Non toxic and does not attract rodents.
  • Eco friendly as these hot water pipe sections are fully recyclable.
  • Installed with zip lock system geyser pip insulation.

Physical Properties Technical Data of Geyser Pipe Insulation:

Wall thickness 10 mm

Temperature range + 80 degrees C to -40 degrees c

Sabs tested

R value 0.21m2 .KW

Great fire rating as the pipe sections do not support the spread of flame