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Global Warming

Today more than ever before, Global Warming and climate change are apparent to all. As we see, small islands disappear with rising sea levels as a result of global warming and climate change; all stakeholders are now on board.

How do we save our environment from the inevitable? It is estimated that by the year 2050 sea levels will rise as much as one metre. As we know this in itself will be fatal for many low lying areas that are close to the coastline.

Read the true story on climate change and how oil companies covered up their findings in the 1980s.

What Is Global Warming?

For many years scientists have predicted that climate change will destroy the earth as we know it. However, politicians and industry ignored these warnings for profits and political gain.

In the last few years, all stakeholders have suddenly realised the catastrophic situation that our planet is facing. Some believe it is to late to turn the situation as they think it is too late. However, many believe if we all take measures to reduce our impact on the environment, we can still achieve the goal of saving planet earth.

Ways To Reduce Global Warming And Climate Change

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Use alternative, environmentally friendly energy sources.
  • Recycle and reuse plastic pollution and stop the use of plastics for biodegradable options.
  • Planting trees and saving our forests are important.
  • Reducing industry waste
  • Saving our oceans and water systems
Grey water harvesting

Grey Water Harvesting

With the high rate of desertification that is brought about by industrialization, and Global Warming water resource are becoming more scarce. It is due to this reason that governments and other stakeholders are working on innovative ways of preserving water resources. Grey Water Harvesting has become a reality for Capetonians as we struggle to avoid …

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