How roof insulationmakes summer homes cooler


Insulated homes have an improved temperature of 4-8 degrees in summer. One must have the correct Roof Insulation installed. In this respect, Thermal Insulation products that achieve the recommended R-values of 3.70 or above must be installed. Insulating homes with inconsistent or insufficient ceiling insulation will not give satisfactory results. We will have a look at how roof insulation makes summer homes cooler.

Roof Insulation Is Compulsory In All First World Countries

As we are all aware, Global Warming and Climate Change are fundamental factors affecting our planet. As a result, insulated homes reduce the need for insulation substantially. In fact, in Europe and Germany, houses have to be insulated in walls underfloor and roofs and windows. In fact, by the year 2040, all homes must be built to be 100% energy efficient in terms of heat loss and gain. Therefore the entire building envelope. With -20-35 degrees plus will need to be built so that no heat loss or gain can enter the homes.

All these essential changes are taken to reduce the need for heating and cooling, affecting our global warming problems.

Installing Roof Insulation Correctly Is Important Installing Incorrectly Is A Waste Of Money


how roof insulation makes summer homes cooler

How Roof Insulation Makes Summer Homes Cooler

  1. Firstly the roof space is like a pressure cooker in summer. As the heat rises in the day, the consistent heat build-up reaches temperatures up to 70 degrees.
  2. As a result, the ceiling heats up, and measurements we have taken on ceilings show temperatures exceeding 50 degrees.
  3. Therefore the ceiling becomes like underfloor heating above your head in summer. This will increase heat in the home substantially.
  4. Insulated homes have an improved temperature by reducing heat flow, blocking the heat from reaching the ceiling.
  5. However, it is essential to know that all ceiling insulation must be laid directly on the ceiling from above. If the insulation is fitted over the beams will result in increased temperature in the home.  
  6. Insulating with Think Pink blocks 90% of heat from the roof space entering the home.
  7. The roof space must be covered from end to end with no apparent gaps.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your Insulation

  1. On hot summer days and you are away from home, close all curtains to prevent the suns heat from entering the house.
  2. Remember when your home is insulated, and the suns rays in summer shine into the home; this will warm up the house as it would in winter.
  3. You are at home. It is a hot day open windows and doors allowing a draft in the house, causing any additional heat to escape.

What You Need To Know When Selecting Your Insulation

  • Firstly reputable Insulation Companies who have loads of experience.
  • Reputable companies buy in bulk, so the prices are far more competitive.
  • The most important is selecting Roof Insulation that is family safe and, importantly, SANS compliant. All our Insulation products are SANS compliant as per the new building legislation.

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