Insulate with Think Pink Aerolite

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Aerolite, also as or referred to as Think Pink Aerolite, is a ceiling insulation. It is used to resist and reduce the heat intensity inside one’s home especially in hot summers. Not only that but it refrains the heating from penetrating the walls out of the house in the winter. Basically, it is an agent resistant to both high and low temperatures.

As Think Pink Aerolite is a non-flammable thermal insulation. As it manufactured to save on energy like electricity cost and controlling temperatures during hot and cold weather. Manufactured from 80% recyclable glass, silica and some other minerals.  The R-value for Think Pink Aerolite ranges from 50mm to 135mm and this basically refer to the thickness of the material— the thicker it is, the better it is.

Think Pink Aerolite

Energy saving with Think Pink Aerolite

Up to 87% of the heat is reduced when roof insulation is installed. Fiberglass is the best resistant product. A normal house will lose approximately 35% of its energy during cold seasons and gains about the same percentage during hot seasons. The think pink thermal insulation, which comes in various thickness, gives you the chance to save on electricity cost whereby within a period of two to three years you can experience the payback of the cost of your roof insulation. Aerolite Ceiling Insulation will give life long energy saving benefits.

Non-combustible Roof Insulation

Think Pink light is a non-combustible agent, unlike other agents that easily propagate fire.  It does not produce any toxic fumes that easily ignites with contact to high heat guaranteeing safety from fire. Thus, Think Pink Aerolite is ideal in insulating in the areas near the stove and furnaces. In fact, Aerolite Roof Insulation will not burn as this insulation has the highest fire rating. In fact, Aerolite is one of the best Home Insulation products on the market. All Roof Insulation must be Sans compliant.

Sound proof

But also generates sound control. In other words, the material is sound proof. It minimizes external noise and retains internal sounds. Scientifically proven to significantly reduce external noise. To reduce noise levels we install this insulation in night clubs and pubs as well.

No health risk/ Pest Free

The product poses no threat to your health as it made of glass wool. Glass wool is a product that poses no to little health risks at all. It is a component that is bio-soluble. Meaning that even if they get into your body they have a tendency to dissolve in bodily fluids. It doesn’t at all attract pests like rats, cockroaches, and other harmful pests.

Roof insulation is the best way to getting better comfort in your homes making your home enjoyable during harsh weather conditions and noise pollution through a better much refined thermal insulation.