Our Isotherm Price is by far the best in SA. If you are building a new home and need insulation information, we will help you make the right choice with various ceiling insulation products. In addition, we stock a wide variety of all roof insulation types for all needs.

All Isotherm Price Single Pack Roll

All Insulation product prices are based on ex-factory prices. Because some of our insulation products are dollars, prices can and will change at times. Please confirm with our office if pricing is still valid. 01/06/2021 Last Pricing.

All Isotherm Price Twin Pack Roll

Isotherm Price

Improve Indoor Temperature 4 – 8 Degrees In Summer and Winter

Twin Pack Rolls are packaged together as two 750mm rolls side by side. Resulting in a pair of rolls 750mm wide x 2 = 1500mm wide packaged roll.

Twin Pack rolls are ideal for DIY Installing in homes with tiled roofs. The 750mm wide rolls will fit between the beams with no cutting required.

Isotherm Price

Our Isotherm Price is the best in SA. At Roof Insulation, we strive to keep our prices at reasonable levels. As a result, we are happy to supply all contractors and homeowners with the best Isotherm Price available. We buy in bulk. As a result, our Isotherm Price is unmatched.

DIY: All You Need To Know About Installing Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm Roll Sizes

We have two Roll widths of the insulation available. Single pack roll 1200mm wide as a result, the single pack Isotherm Price will be less than the twin pack Isotherm Price because of the square meter difference. On the other hand, the twin pack rolls consist of two rolls of 750mm wide Rolls in each pack. Therefore the twin pack Isotherm Insulation Price per package will be a little more. However, the overall Isotherm Price per square meter will still be identical.

Isotherm Single Pack

All the Isotherm single pack rolls are 1200mm wide or 1.2Mtrs wide.  Additionally, the products are available in several thicknesses, from 50mm – to 145mm thick.

Isotherm Twin Pack

Isotherm Twin Packs are two rolls in one package. This is because homeowners and builders did not have to cut the Isotherm. So the twin pack rolls consist of two rolls 750mm wide packed side by side. As a result, the total width would be two rolls side by side, totalling 1500mm Wide. 

How To Cut Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm cant is cut with a wood saw like other traditional Roof Insulation materials as a polyester type of insulation. This is one of the reasons why the twin packs or 750mm wide rolls are made. So that installers can easily fit these rolls between the beams in most cases, tiled roofs will have beams between 600mm and 800mm.

As Isotherm Installers and distributors, we found the losses of insulation increased substantially with this method. In addition, as mentioned earlier, our beam widths will vary from roof to roof. As a result, we will supply homeowners and builders with the easiest way to cut Isotherm.

To cut the Insulation to fit each specific pair of beams, we will tear the Isotherm. It will tear in a direct straight line when splitting the insulation correctly. As a result, wastage is far less if your beams are 600mm apart and the insulation is 750mm wide, giving a loss of 150mm per row on a standard roll.

We recommend using the 1200mm wide rolls and cutting all lines before installing. Ideally, one would tear all insulation in the roof space. Ripping all the insulation to the trusses’ correct width will take no more than 20mins for an average home.  As a result of tearing the insulation, the wastage is far less. Additionally, installing The Isotherm Insulation means the sections will be no longer than 1200mm, making this far easier to handle than a full roll laid out.

We must lift the wiring and electrical cable, and alarm wire above the insulation for safety. With full rolls, wiring can be a problem.

Isotherm Specifications

Make sure to get the best Isotherm Price by checking the specifications and making the right choice. All Isotherm prices change based on the thickness and density of some of the Isotherm Insulation products.



DensityR-valueR-value InstalledClimate Zones
145mm11.5Kg33.373.771 & 4
135mm11.5Kg33.143.542 & 6
100mm10Kg3Not TestedNot Tested 
75mm10Kg3Not TestedNot Tested 
50mm10Kg3Not TestedNot Tested 
40mm10Kg3Not TestedNot Tested 

The Entire Western Cape region from Port Elizabeth to Alexander Bay must install insulation with an R-value exceeding 3.70.

As a result, the 145mm Isotherm Insulation is SANS compliant for these regions. However, please note the 135mm Isotherm is not SANS compliant for the area as the R-value is under 3.70.

To compete with the Aerolite Insulation with a very high R-value for the 135mm, Isotherm has had to develop the 145mm insulation similar to Aerolite or just below.

Isotherm Insulation Benefits

  • Isotherm Insulation is Dust-free and Allergy Free.
  • Isotherm Insulation is soft and smooth to the touch with no itch and no loose fibre.
  • Cooler in summer.
  • Warmer in winter.
  • Save energy on heating and cooling.
  • Improve indoor temperature by 4 – 8 degrees.
  • Tests have shown that a home insulated correctly can cover insulation costs in three to four years on energy saving alone.

Isotherm Applications

As a polyester type, insulation Isotherm can be applied to many applications. We have clients who purchase Isotherm Insulation to make dog cushions. However, in the home, the insulation product has several applications.

  1. Isotherm Roof Insulation: The Isotherm conforms with the SANS legislation for all regions in South Africa. The Western Cape region has been classified to install the 145mm Isotherm. With a required R-value of 3.70 for the Western Cape region, the 145mm Isotherm achieves the R-value with an installed R-value of 3.76.
  2. Isotherm Flat Roof Insulation: Isotherm can be installed under the roof sheeting.
  3. Loft Room Insulation: As a result of the high tensile strength of Isotherm Insulation, the product is ideal for loft rooms. Installing the insulation against the sidewalls and the roof space transforms the loft space into a comfortable area.

Eco-friendly Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm is manufactured from PET plastic bottles as a polyester roof insulation product. We are all aware of plastic bottle pollution from 2ltr plastic coke Fanta and all plastic bottles. The insulation is produced with the PET fibres of the cooldrink bottles. For this reason, Isotherm is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly insulation products on the market. Additionally, Isotherm Insulation is recyclable after its use. For the record, Isotherm, Insulation has a 30-year manufacturer guarantee.

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Isotherm Insulation Benefits

Isotherm Single Packs

Isotherm Twin Packs