Isotherm Roof Insulation


More people than ever before living by a simple philosophy “Save Energy Save the Planet”. No longer are people who live like this thought of as hippies or weirdos. Today these people are just like you and me. People who value the planet understand the link between what they use in their home and workplace. And how using energy better and using more efficient appliances helps the planet. They understand that insulation plays a big part in keeping their philosophy alive. Today the call for insulation products like ISOTHERM Roof Insulation products are in big demand.

If you fall into the category of someone who believes in “Save Energy Save the Planet” then you are perfectly in line with modern thinking worldwide.

Isotherm Roof Insulation

With the perfect science of hindsight, every home built would be properly insulated. Insulating a brand new building, home, office or otherwise is always easier and more effective when done as part of the build. You can be greener too when building from scratch. Every element of the property can be as environmentally friendly as possible and designed to be energy efficient. But most of us are not building brand new; the vast majority are insulating what we already have.

With existing structures it does not mean you can’t abide by “Save Energy Save the Planet” and that you can’t be energy efficient. Insulating your existing property means selecting green, eco-friendly products. In fact, products that are designed to improve the efficiency of your home. One such range of products is the 145mm ISOTHERM Roof Insulation. With ISOTHERM Roof Insulation being manufactured from PET plastic bottles. As we know this would be the solution on earth for more than 450 years. Now take into account that the ISOTHERM INSULATION is itself recyclable

The Smart Answer to Saving Energy in The Home

Very often the basics are forgotten when it comes to insulation and saving energy. ISOTHERM products are extremely versatile and can help you “save energy save the planet”

ISOTHERM Geyser Blanket

A Geyser in many households is the biggest consumer of energy, even greener solar energy. Wrapping a geyser in a highly efficient and very affordable ISOTHERM Geyser blanket can see energy bills drop by 20%. Most people stop at the geyser but adding insulation to the pipes brings additional savings on your energy bill. A geyser blanket is easy to install and savings are almost immediate.

145mm ISOTHERM Roof insulation

“We live in a hot country so we don’t need roof insulation

Wrong. Hot countries, as well as cold countries, can benefit from ISOTHERM roof insulation. ISOTHERM roof insulation not only keeps a home warmer in winter but it keeps it cooler in summer. Likewise, attic insulation is not enough to adequately insulate your home. Take a look at the insulation, if you have, in your roof and if it has bare patches or is flattened install some Isotherm. ISOTHERM is easy to install and fits snuggly between beams and in tight corners giving you outstanding insulation. The 145mm Isotherm Roof Insulation will do just that.

Spend on insulation means a saving on your energy bill that will soon cover the cost of the insulation. In turn, save energy to save the planet.

Save Energy With Isotherm Roof Insulation

Every one of us must take responsibility to protect our environment and conserve the natural resources that are forever being depleted. Our planet is on loan to us by generations ahead of us and if we all pay attention we can ensure our planet survives for our future ancestors. But we don’t all have to save the entire world if we all focus on our own piece we can make a combined and noticeable difference. You can begin to play your part by insulating your home with ISOTHERM products.

ISOTHERM is a double whammy of an insulation product. Firstly ISOTHERM insulates your home well and reduces the demand for heating and cooling appliances. This straight away makes its mark on the environment.

Secondly, ISOTHERM is made from recycled material. Using recycled plastic cooldrink bottles converted into fibre results in an eco-friendly polyester that insulates extremely well. Energy savings and using recycled material gives two thumbs up to ISOTHERM and on top of this, it is easy to install.

Why Should You Choose ISOTHERM Roof Insulation?

When it comes to insulation using experts is essential, experts who share your philosophy of “Save energy save the planet”. Here are 6 reasons why you should choose ISOTHERM Roof Insulation to insulate your home:

Top of mind for many people is how green a product is. Isotherm Roof Insulation is considered a 360 degree Green product. From cradle to grave Isotherm cares about the planet. ISOTHERM is made from recycled plastic bottles and the product itself can also be recycled.

In fact, the ISOTHERM reduces the demand for energy use, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer. As we know ISOTHERM is a passive product that simply sits and does its job costing you nothing once installed.

Isotherm Roof Insulation Benefits

The ISOTHERM is flexible and easy to install in any home. Some insulation products still require fully protective clothing to be worn when installing, ISOTHERM does not. ISOTHERM is non-irritant and while gloves are always recommended your hands will not come up with some ugly rash. The phrase Isotherm likes to call their product is “people-friendly”.

Despite first appearances, ISOTHERM Roof Insulation is soft to the touch and is easy to work with. Several competitive products are stiff and not easy to work with. ISOTHERM is easy to trim to the right size to ensure effective and efficient insulation.

Moisture and mould resistance are important factors in a roof insulation product, ISOTHERM is both moisture and mould resistant. Added to this ISOTHERM is fire-resistant, this is an important feature to consider in any insulation product.

Unlike some products ISOTHERM remains “puffed up” and does not go flat over time. Because of this bare and uninsulated areas do not form. ISOTHERM fits snuggly and remains a good insulator, unlike pellets or loose-fill insulation products that settle and become less effective. This means ISOTHERM has a long lifespan.

Isotherm Loft Room Insulation is our product of choice for loft rooms.

A quality product must meet or exceed quality and safety standards. ISOTHERM does just that and meets all standards for building, environmental safety, and energy savings. The ISOTHERM quality includes the R-value as specified by SANS legislation. For more info on Isotherm, Specifications read this page.

ISOTHERM is manufactured to high-quality assurance levels. The product is manufactured to ISO9000 specifications and is certified by SABS

Isotherm Energy Saving Benefits

Having the best energy-saving properties is the number one differentiator between insulation products. Isotherm is a very effective insulation product that meets a variety of insulation needs. The effective insulation provided by Isotherm reduces energy bills significantly by regulating the climate in your home. In a well-insulated home heating and cooling, appliances are used far less, 20% less, and energy bills drop.

Installed properly and in all the right areas Isotherm is the product you need to use to live your philosophy and “Save energy save the planet

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