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Isotherm Specifications All You Need To Know

The Isotherm specifications page helps the homeowner make a more informed decision about the insulation that must be installed. In fact, insulation has been made compulsory in all new homes and buildings as of January 2013.

This legislation has been put in place because of the energy crisis that we have in South Africa. Therefore this page will indicate what to install. When selecting an insulation product for your home, so be sure to install SANS compliant insulation to avoid wasting money down the line.

Isotherm Specifications

Isotherm R-value Specifications

This SANS compliant chart shows the correct Isotherm Insulation Thickness to installed.

The provinces in South Africa have been divided into Zones for specific thickness insulation based on weather patterns in these areas.

It is compulsory to install SANS compliant insulation in all new homes as of January 2013.

In fact, this legislation does not affect existing homes as yet.

However, when new plans are passed for alterations in the home, it becomes a factor at this point. Therefore SANS approved insulation must be installed at this time.

Isotherm Specifications all Products

ThicknessDensityR-valueInstalled R-valueNRC Noise Reduction CoefficientClimate Zones
145mm11.5Kg33.373.770.751 & 4
135mm11.5Kg33.143.54 2 & 6
100mm10Kg3Not tested   
75mm10 Kg3Not tested   
50mm10 Kg3Not tested   
40mm10 Kg3Not tested   

Install the Correct R-value Isotherm

In fact, the map chart above will give a detailed map of the thickness of insulation to be installed in your home.

Remember all new homes must have the correct thickness of home insulation for your province.

This legislation does not affect existing homes at this stage. However, most new home buyers are aware of the legislation, which has become a big selling point for new buyers.

So even when installing in an existing home, install the correct insulation and enjoy the comfort benefits.

Isotherm Specifications Fire Performance

  • Fire performance – ISOTHERM complies with SANS 10400, applying the national building regulations, as an insulation material.
  • Tested following SANS 428: fire performance classification B/B 1/2.
  • ASTM – E 84: the spread of flame: Nil.
  • BS 5803 part 4: does not smoulder.

ASTM – E84:

  • spread of flame = 0
  • smoke index = 160
  • smoke toxicity = < 1 (low toxicity)
  • *SANS 10400 – 1990 The application of the national building regulations.