Isotherm Thermal Insulation has revolutionised the roof insulation industry in the last few years. Mostly because the Isotherm is a dust free and allergy free insulation. However isotherm insulation is also regarded as one of the most eco friendly thermal insulation products on the market. With great thermal insulation properties and a very long lifespan Isotherm Insulation has a 30 year manufacturer guarantee.

What Makes Isotherm Thermal Insulation Eco friendlyisotherm thermal insulation eco friendly

Well Isotherm Thermal Insulation is manufactured from PET plastic bottles. These are Coke and Fanta two litre bottles and whatever else is produced and supplied in the bottle types. In fact it has been estimated that plastic and plastic bottle pollution has the worst effect on the planet. Surveys show that plastic bottle pollution will be on earth in land fill sites and the ocean for up to 450 years. Now just imagine the devastation to sea animals to the oceans and to animals on land.

Now imagine converting this pollution into an energy saving Thermal Insulation. This is a double winner as we remove the pollution that is destroying the earth. And then transform this into energy saving Isotherm Thermal Insulation. The Isotherm Thermal Insulation reduces energy consumption in homes as well as office buildings and shopping centres.

In fact this is were the double win is really appreciated as reducing energy consumption with Isotherm Thermal Insulation is now helping our planet and the environment in two totally different ways. Now consider the fact that Isotherm Thermal Insulation is recyclable itself. This must surely make this roof Insulation the most eco friendly insulation on the planet.

How Does Isotherm Thermal Insulation Work

The Isotherm when laid correctly will reduce heat flow out of the home in winter by up to 90% through the ceiling into the roof. Remember warm air rises and with no insulation the heat is lost to the roof space. So if you are using any form of heating you are burning money. On the other hand in summer  your roof space is like a furnace. The ceiling temperatures in a home can reach up to 50 degrees this is like underfloor heating but above your head in summer. The Isotherm Insulation will keep your ceiling space cool so you will benefit by 4 to 20 degrees depending on the heat of the day.

The Isotherm Insulation is fitted directly against the ceiling boards in the roof space. Please note the roof insulation must lay flat on the ceiling between the main beams. The Isotherm must never be laid over the beams as this will make your home hotter in summer and colder in winter. The reason for this is that the heat in the roof space is pressure and when the insulation is laid over the beams the hot air simply fills this gap and gets trapped.

In fact any insulation not installed properly is a waste of money. You might as well donate the money that you would like to spend on insulation to a worthy cause. At least you will feel good about your good deed. However if Isotherm Thermal Insulation or any insulation is installed correctly you have just tossed good money out of your window.

Always Insulate With Reputable Isotherm Installers

Reputable Isotherm Thermal Insulation Installer are aware of exactly how the installation must take place. In fact they are also all very well trained and fully understand what they need to achieve. Reputable Isotherm Insulation installers have permanent staff that install the roof insulation. This means it is highly unlikely that you will have costly ceiling damage and the roof insulation will be fitted correctly.

In fact all our teams of Insulation Installer are fully supervised from start to finish. We leave nothing to chance as our reputation is what has made Roof Insulation Western Cape Pty Ltd one of the market leaders in the Ceiling insulation industry.

Comprehensive insurance on all work done by us. And in the event that one day there could be an accident or anything that goes wrong as a result of our work we are willing and able to sort this. Thank goodness after 30 years in the industry we have had no hassle. However the law of averages says that one day any day something can go wrong. This is why are staff are continually trained and supervised. Using the services of a builder or garden servant or casual to do this type of work is not smart.

Will Isotherm Thermal Insulation Save Energy

Absolutely the Isotherm will save energy and will in fact pay for itself in two or three years depending on the amount of cooling and heating used in the home. Ceiling Insulation became compulsory as of January 2013. This law was passed in order to help the country reduce the energy usage. In fact in 2014 the country lost billions of Rands as a result of load shedding.

The Isotherm 145 mm is the SANS compliant Thermal insulation for the Western Cape region as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria. In most homes fitted with the Isotherm 145 mm the use of air conditioners in summer should hardly be needed. As the reduction in heat gain in the home will be dramatically reduced. Saving energy and giving you comfort.  The Isotherm 145 mm has the correct compulsory R value 3.70 check out specifications page on isotherm.