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Roof Insulation

Knauf Ecose Price

Our Knauf Ecose Price is the best in SA. This is because we hold extensive stock volumes of the Ecose Insulation. Ecose Roof Insulation is available in thicknesses 50/75/100/135mm. The Ecose Prices on our website are for both Contractors and Developers as well as Homeowners. Our goal is to hold prices as low as possible so that so we can insulate more homes.

As a result, we have added a DIY video on cutting the Ecose Insulation and installing correctly. However, one must remember that any insulation installed incorrectly is wasted money and insulation. For this reason, we encourage homeowners and DIY installers to install the insulation correctly to reap the benefits of years of energy saving.

Ecose Insulation is specified for hospitals and schools. Only Ceiling Insulation products with AA 1/1 can be installed in these buildings because of the safety issues.

For DIY Installers Check Our How-To:

Cut and Install Knaf Ecose Insulation

Ecose Insulation Specifications

All Ecose Insulation products are manufactured to the highest international standards.

Ecose R-values

135mm Ecose is SANS compliant for the Western Cape Region. R-value 3.78 installed. There are many ceiling insulation types however it is important to select the appropriate ceiling insulation for your region.

100mm thick Ecose Insulation is also SANS compliant for the KZN region. Additionally, the 100mm Knauf Ecose is fitted as a top-up for the Western Cape region in homes that do not conform to the new legislation standards. R-value 2.90 installed.

75mm Knauf Ecose Home Insulation is under specification; however, the insulation can be used as a filler to increase under-insulated homes’ R-value. R-value 2.28 installed.

50mm Ecose Insulation can also be installed as a filler to increase the R-value of homes fitted with 100mm Insulation to bring them to SANS  rated R-values.  R-value 1.65 Installed.

For the best Knauf Ecose Price, give us a call or Contact Us Here.

135mm Knauf Ecose

SANS Compliant Cape/Gauteng
R 790
  • Installed R-value 3.78
  • Roll R-value 3.38
  • SABS Approved
  • Dimensions 7.5mx1.2m
SABS Aproved

100mm Knauf Ecose

SANS Compliant KZN
R 766
  • Installed R-value 2.90
  • Roll R-value 2.50
  • SABS Approved
  • Dimensions 10.10mx1.2
SABS Aproved

75mm Knauf Ecose

SANS Compliant Topup
R 759
  • Installed R-value 2.28
  • Roll R-value 1.88
  • SABS Approved
  • Dimensions 12.8mx1.2m
SABS Aproved

50mm Knauf Ecose

SANS Compliant Topup
R 784
  • Installed R-value 1.65
  • Roll R-value 1.28
  • SABS Approved
  • Dimensions 19mx1.2m
SABS Aproved