All Roof Insulation South Africa's workmanship is guaranteed. All work undertaken is fully covered by comprehensive insurance. Proud Aerolite Installers as well as Isotherm Installers. Give us a call for the best supply and wholesale prices. Buy direct and save. Supply and install prices are also unmatched. For the best pricing in the country.

  • free roof insulation quoteBeat the Heat this summer insulate and save money and be cool.
  • Roof Insulation reduces heat flow from the roof space by up to 90%.
  • Reduce temperature in summer by 4 to 8 degrees on a hot summer day.
  • We install SABS approved Roof Insulation Products.
  • Isotherm Insulation 145mm Thick achieving R-value 3.76 when installed.
  • Aerolite Insulation 135mm Thick achieving installed R-value 3.78
Isotherm Roof Insulation


  • Dust free Insulation.
  • In fact, Isotherm Roof Insulation is Allergy free.
  • Moreover, the 30-year manufacturer guarantee is a winner.
  • Cool in Summer with Isotherm insulation.
  • Warm in Winter with Isotherm insulation.
  • Great acoustic properties. Isotherm 145mm Sans compliant insulation achieving R-value of 3.70.
  • Manufactured from plastic bottle pollution so this is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly Ceiling Insulation products on the market.
  • Buy direct and save.
  • Find a installer near you


[Think Pink Aerolite]

  • Aerolite fiberglass Roof Insulation.
  • Manufactured from recycled glass.
  • Cool in Summer.
  • Warm in Winter.
  • Great acoustic properties 135mm NRC 1.1
  • The 135mm Aerolite is Sans compliant achieving R-value of 3.70.
  • Save energy. It is estimated that Aerolite will pay for itself in Two or Three years.
  • Buy Direct and Save
  • Find A Installer Near you
aerolite roof insulation

Services Offered by Roof Insulation Western Cape

Roof Insulation Western Cape Pty Ltd has been in the Roof Insulation industry for 30 years. We have loads of experience in all forms of insulation products. Roof Insulation offers our services in most major cities including Cape Town and the entire Western Cape as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria and KZN.

Aerolite Thermal Insulation Installers

  • As one of the best Aerolite Insulation Installers in South Africa, we have a proud history of more than 30 years to uphold.
  • All our Aerolite Insulation work is fully supervised from start to finish.
  • In fact. all workmanship guaranteed for 5 years.
  • We have fully comprehensive insurance on all work undertaken by Roof Insulation. Working in a roof space will always have a risk regardless what people say. With more than 30 years in the industry, we have not had the need to submit a claim. This can be attributed to the rigorous training that all our Aerolite Installers are put through annually.
  • The Aerolite Insulation is SANS compliant.
  • For years of energy saving and home, comfort give us a call. We will have an Aerolite Insulation product that will give you all the Thermal Insulation benefits that you need.

Isotherm Thermal Insulation Installers

  • Roof Insulation is the leading Isotherm Insulation Installers in South Africa.
  • Once again all our workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years.
  • We only install the SANS compliant Isotherm Insulation Products. In fact, 95% of all Isotherm Insulation Installed by us is the 145mm Isotherm.
  • Isotherm is also covered by a 30-year manufacturer guarantee on the Isotherm Product. 

Loft Room Insulation

  • There are many loft rooms in South Africa that have been built and 90% of these loft rooms are uninsulated.
  • This makes the awesome part of the home almost unlivable. Once this space is correctly insulated it almost seems like a totally different room.
  • In these applications, we fit the Loft Insulation directly to the side walls. In this application, the insulation needs to be wired to the beams. 
  • It is important to fit the insulation on side walls as well as the pitch section for maximum benefit.
  • If they tell you it cant be done give us a call. With our years of experience surely we will find a way.

Roof Vacuum Service

  • We offer a Roof Vacuum service for the removal of Roof Dust as well as the removal of Cellulose fiber insulation.
  • Our Roof Vacuum machine is a massive machine that stands outside of the home. So there is no mess or fuss in the home. 
  • We can extend up to 100 meters with our extended hose fitting. 
  • In homes with old roof dust pre-1970, it is imperative to remove this harmful dust. All roof dust pre-1970 will most likely have lead poisoning in the dust.
  • Cellulose Insulation is regarded as an eco insulation type of insulation however many want this removed because of dust issues and allergies. The insulation will be reasonably effective as an insulation however because it is a dust type insulation it is affected by wind and moisture. If you have a roof leak it will end in tears.
  • No fear we can suck this out in a flash.
  • In fact, we remove all types of unwanted Ceiling Insulation.

Geyser Blanket

  • A Geyser Blanket is low cost but has the ability to give many years of energy saving at a low cost. In fact, the average Geyser Blanket will cost R850. Please note this is not a commercially bought Geyser Banket. These are an absolute waste of money.
  • We install either the 145mm Isotherm as a geyser blanket or the 135mm Aerolite.

Hot Water Pipe Insulation

  • Very much overlooked, however, the hot water pipe insulation will reduce heat loss in the pipes. In turn, this will save energy.
  • Once again this is a low-cost item that will give years of energy saving.
  • The installation can take place while the Ceiling Insulation is being installed.
  • The average home will cost R 650.

Insulation for Suspended Ceilings

  • In fact, many office blocks with suspended ceilings are uninsulated. This is a huge energy loss to any company.
  • Suspended Ceiling Insulation will reduce the temperature in the office by 4 to 8 degrees. This, in turn, will reduce the need for expensive heating and cooling.
  • It is now compulsory for all suspended ceilings to be insulated with SANSC compliant insulation.
  • This is an important factor in reducing carbon emissions. As we well know Global Warming and the dreaded Climate Change is a reality and a serious problem for our future generations.

Factory Roof Insulation

  • We have been installing Factory Roof Insulation products as a retrofit on existing Factory roofs for years.
  • For these applications, we have two main options. This is the factotylite insulation or the Isotherm Insulation.
  • With retrofit applications, we fit wires at 200mm intervals from the inside and then feed the insulation above the wiring below the roof.

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