100mm Factory Roof Insulation Price

Factory Roof Insulation

Factory roof insulation is a glass wool insulation laminated with foil.

The factory roof insulation (Factorylite / MBI) fitted directly below the roof sheeting and supported with wires at 200/300mm apart. For this reason, all factory roof insulation is laminated with foil. However, the foil is merely a carrier for the factory roof insulation.

Types of Factory Roof Insulation

Factorylite factory roof insulation is one of the oldest and mots advanced insulation for industrial application. Also, the insulation is available with foil backing or white backing.

MBI is an alternative to the Factorylite insulation and the product is similar in benefits as well as the foil facings.

Factorylite / MBI Prices

For pricing visit our factorylite prices page for all the info and pricing

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