100mm Isotherm Price Single Packs

Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm Insulation is a polyester type insulation for roofs. Isotherm produced from PET plastic bottle pollution. Consequently, Isotherm is regarded as one of the most Eco-friendly roof insulation products. For this reason, the Isotherm has a long lifespan.

Isotherm Insulation Benefits

  • Cooler homes in summer
  • Warmer homes in winter
  • saving energy
  • Dust-free and allergy-free
  • Increase the homes resale value
  • Soft and smooth to touch no itch factor

Isotherm Insulation Products

The Isotherm Insulation is available as a single pack as well as a twin pack.

Isotherm Single Pack

The single pack is 1200mm wide. The single pack Isotherm is, therefore, is ideal for sheeting roofs with beam widths of 1100mm and 1200mm. In cases where the beams are less than 1100mm, the Isotherm can easily be cut to size. As a rule, we tear the Isotherm along the width. The insulation will tear very easily.

Isotherm Twin Packs

The twin packs are two rolls of 750mm wide rolls packaged together side by side. Accordingly, the 750mm wide rolls are ideal for tiled roofs. Aside from the sheeting roofs with broader beam structure tiled roofs generally have the beams at 700mm to 750mm. For this reason, the Isotherm Twin pack is a perfect fit.

Isotherm Insulation Prices

For the best Isotherm, insulation prices visit our Isotherm price page.

Isotherm Installers

Roof insulation have Isotherm installers in most major centres. For the best insulation installed price give us a call.

For DIY Installers we have videos on how to install the insulation correctly to give years of energy-saving and comfort.

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