240mm Wind Turbine Roof Ventilators Price

Roof Ventilation Products

Roof Ventilation products are a low-cost high-value product for homes. The benefits far out way the low cost of roof ventilation.

Roof Ventilation Products

There are a number of roof ventilation products on the market, some of which are driven by electricity. However, the most effective roof ventilation is the natural windblown and heat-driven roof ventilators.

Roof Insulation SA supply roof ventilation units for homes, schools and factories. We offer the best roof ventilation installed prices as well as the best roof ventilation supply only prices.

Benefits Of Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilators are fitted on the roof near the apex. As we all know heat rises and for this reason, the hot air will quickly be exhausted out of the roof space with very little to no wind.

You are reducing the effect of summer heat by extracting the hot air out of the roof space.

Accordingly in winter, the roof ventilation units remove wet damp air. They are resulting in less condensation and mould in the roof space.

Importantly removing hot air as well as cold air in the roof ensures a longer lifespan for all the roof components.

Types Of Roof Ventilation Products

  • UV Stabilised plastic roof ventilators are the most popular as they are not affected by the elements as much as the aluminium or galvanised ventilation units.
  • Aluminium whirlybird roof ventilators are also popular; however, we prefer instaling these units more inland away from the salty sea air.
  • Tornado roof ventilators are available in aluminium as well as stainless steel and galvanised steel.

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