Sisalation Foil

Sisalation foil is an integral part of every building or home. In particular, Sisalation foils have two purposes in the roof space.

Firstly, waterproofing in the event of a roof leak. Secondly, Sisalation foils act as a reflective agent to reflect heat away from the roof space.

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Types Of Sisaltion Foil

Single-sided Sisalation for mostly domestic roof applications is a lightweight foil.

Double-sided foils are regarded as industrial and therefore installed in warehouses and factories. However, in our opinion, double-sided foils should be installed in homes as well.

In particular, the lifespan of the double-sided Radientshield has a longer lifespan and if more effective in reflective properties and lifespan.

Benefits of Sisalation Foil

  • Reduces summer heat in roof space
  • Great waterproofing


Fitting Sisalation from the bottom of the roof to the roof pitch line with overlapping of 100mm to 200mm.

Especially be sure to have the overlap above the lower sheet of foil to ensure that the water runs off in the event of a leak.

Reduce Summer Heat

On condition, the Sisalation foil is fitted with at least a 38mm gap between the roof, and foil one can expect a reduction in heat flow into the roof space.

In this case, the heat will be reflected away from the roof, reducing the heat in the ceiling, thereby improving the indoor temperature in summer.

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