135mm Isotherm Price Single Pack


135mm Isotherm Price Single Pack


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Installing 135mm Isotherm will improve the temperature in the home. However, the 135mm Isotherm is not SANS compliant for the Western Cape. The insulation is under the R-value of 3.70 when installed. This does not mean this product will not give the required benefits. The 135mm Isotherm Price single packs are for the 1200mm wide rolls. In fact, Isotherm Insulation is regarded as one of the most Eco-friendly Roof Insulation Products on the market.

135mm Isotherm Price Single Packs

The Single Pack Isotherm Rolls are 5000 x 1200 x 135mm. Our price on the 135mm Isotherm is one of the best in South Africa.

135mm Isotherm Specifications

  • 135mm Isotherm R-value          – 3.14
  • Installed R-value                          – 3.54
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient      – ≤.75
  • SANS compliant
  • SABS approved

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