30mm Isoboard Price
30mm Isoboard Ceiling
600mm Groove Ceiling
30mm Isoboard price
  • Isoboard: 30mm
  • R-value Aged: 1.071
  • Minimum Length Order: 1.8m
  • Maximum Length: 6m
  • Finish: Tongue and Groove
  • Fire Rating: B/B 1/2
  • Accoustric Value NRC: NIL

30mm Isoboard Price & Specifications

  • 30mm Isoboard Price is for supply only. Contact us for installed prices.
  • Aged R-value 1.071
  • Fire rating B/B 1/2

Isoboard ceilings are the most popular ceiling option in South Africa. Firstly Isoboard ceilings are popular because of the insulation properties of the ceiling. Unlike most ceiling Isoboard is available in several thicknesses 25mm/30mm/40mm/50mm/80mm. The two most popular options are the 30mm and the 40mm Isoboard. The 30mm Isoboard Price is supplied only. For installed prices contact us or go to the Isotherm Ceilings page.


30mm isoboard price
30mm isoboard price