40mm Isoboard Price
40mm Isoboard Price
600mm Groove Ceiling
40mm Isoboard Price
R 201.15 Inc VAT
  • Isoboard: 40mm
  • R-value Aged: 1.429
  • Minimum Length Order: 1.8m
  • Maximum Length: 6m
  • Finish: Tongue and Groove
  • Fire Rating: B/B 1/2
  • Accoustric Value NRC: NIL

40mm Isoboard Price & Specifications

  • 40mm Isoboard tongue and groove system boards 600mm wide.
  • Aged R-value 1.429
  • Fire rating B/B 1/2

Isoboard is a classy ceiling option for all homes and offices. Fitting 40mm Isoboard not only gives homeowners a ceiling as Isoboard has insulation properties as well. Consequently, the 40mm Isoboard Price includes excellent thermal properties with the ceiling. Furthermore these ceiling not only look good they also save energy on heating and cooling. As we know all new homes must be insulated with insulation achieving an R-value specific to their region.

For this reason, Isoboard reduces the R-value requirements for roof insulation. In this application, one can install roof insulation with a lower R-value. In place of 135mm roof insulation homeowners can fit 100mm roof insulation and still be SANS compliant. For a fitted Isoboard price contact us.


40mm Isoboard Ceilings
40mm Isoboard Ceilings