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Roof Insulation

50mm Isoboard

Thermal Ceilings
R 139
60 L/M
R 232.67 m/2
  • R-value 1.786
  • 1.8m min Length
  • Width 600mm
  • Tongue and Groove

50mm Isoboard Price

The 50mm Isoboard price can be recovered in 5 to 6 years on energy saving in homes that must be heated and cooled in summer and winter.
  • Isoboard tongue and groove finish boards are 600mm wide.
  • Aged R-value 1.786
  • Fire rating B/B 1/2
The 50mm Isoboard thermal ceilings are the premium ceiling options. Isoboard ceilings are excellent modern ceiling options that all current-day homeowners would love to have installed. As we know these ceiling boards are almost identical to the wooden grooved ceilings. Global warming and climate change affect how homes must be built to be more energy-efficient to reduce the need for heating and cooling. Isoboard thermal ceilings is an excellent alternative to regular ceiling option. The 50mm Isoboard price is recovered over a few years as a result of energy-saving. Additionally, Isoboard reduces the need to install 135mm Aerolite. As a result of the Isoboard thermal properties, the insulation thickness can be reduced to 100mm.


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