51mm Cavitylite Price


51mm Cavitylite Price


Cavitybatt and Cavitylite are specially developed to provide thermal and acoustic insulation within steel frame structures, timber frame buildings and drywall systems. These high-quality products are manufactured using Glasswool and are glass tissue faced on one side for ease of handling and improved rigidity. These products improve the thermal performance of buildings by reducing heat loss and keeping rooms cooler in summer. They also provide excellent acoustic insulation, blocking outside noise and preventing noise reverberating within the building. Cavittybatt comes in standard-sized batts, and Cavitylite is available in standard-sized rolls, both of which are manufactured to standard grid system sizes to reduce wastage. The 102mm Cavitylite Price is ideal for that long-awaited Drywall Partition job at home. If you need more info contact us now.

Roll Dimensions

6m x 1.2m x 51mm



Single Sided

Tissue Faced

Fire Rating

Class A/A 1/1