75mm Isotherm Price Twin Pack
75mm Isotherm Twin Pack
Twin 8000 x 1500 x 75mm
R 492.27 (R 41.02m2)
  • R-value:: 1.18
  • Installed R-value:: 1.58
  • Length:: 8m
  • Width:: 1.5m
  • Density:: 8.5kg3

The 75mm Isotherm is regarded as an entry-level Insulation product. In fact, the 75mm Isotherm Price Twin Packs is ideal for DIY installers that want to insulate the home in stages to suit their budget. This means that two layers would be installed as the budget improves. The Isotherm Insulation is Dust Free and Allergy Free.

75mm Isotherm Price Twin Packs

The twin Pack Isotherm Rolls is 8000 x 1500 x 75mm. (Tin Pack Roll) Ideal for sheeting roofs. The 75mm Isotherm Prices for Twin Packs is very affordable.

75mm Isotherm Specifications

  • 100mm Isotherm R-value          – 1.18
  • Installed R-value                          – 1.58
  • SABS approved
  • Dust Free and Allergy Free

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