Isofoil Residential Sisalation Price
Isofoil Residential Sisalation 
30Mtrs x 1.5Mtrs
Isofoil Residential Sisalation
R 537.51 Inc Vat
  • Sisalation Isofoil Residential: Single Sided
  • Length Of Roll: 30mtrs
  • Roll Width: 1.5m
  • Total M2: 45m2

Fitting Sisalation foil to the roof underside improves indoor temperature and works as a waterproofing barrier. In the event of a roof leak homes fitted with Isofoil Residential Sisalation reflects heat away. It is, therefore, resulting in a cooler roof space as well as a cooler home in summer. Contact us for the best Isofoil Residential Sisalation price

In winter, products like Isofoil Residential will also reduce the potential for condensation and mould. When installed with a Whirlybird roof ventilation unit moist, damp air is removed from the roof space.

How Sisaltion Isofoil Residential Foils Work?

The suns rays will generally penetrate the roof tiles pr sheeting. They are thereby increasing the indoor temperature. Fitting Sisalation foil below the roof, leaving a gap of 38mm between roof and foil will also enhance the performance of the roof insulation installed on the ceiling.

The heat is then adequately reflected away from the roof space, making the home and the roof space cooler.

Isofoil Residential Sisalation Price

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