RadenShield Single Sided Price
RadenShield Single Sided Foil
30m x 1.5m / 45m2
R 612.38 Roll / R13.61
  • R-value: 1.05
  • Fire Rating: B/B 3/3
  • Total m2: 45m2
  • Roll Weight: 5.7kg
  • Weight m2: 126 g/m2

The RadenShield single-sided Sisaltion foil is one of the most advanced Sisaltion Foils on the market. Surprisingly the RadenShield single-sided is a domestic Sisalation foil with specifications similar to the more industrial Sisalation Foils. However the RadensShield Single Sided Price is way below the price of the industrial versions.

The Sigle Sided Radenshield is silver on one side with a white underside. In particular the Radenshield single sided sisalation foil has a high tensile strength.

RadenShield Single Sided Price

  • Roll dimension 45m2
  • Roll length 30m
  • Roll width 1.5m