RadenShield Single Sided Price


RadenShield Single Sided Price


The RadenShield single-sided Sisaltion foil is one of the market’s most advanced Sisaltion foils. Surprisingly the RadenShield single-sided is a domestic Sisalation foil with specifications similar to the more industrial Sisalation Foils. However, the RadensShield Single-Sided Price is way below the price of the industrial versions.

The Sigle-Sided Radenshield is silver on one side with a white underside. In particular, the Radenshield single-sided sisalation foil has high tensile strength. Importantly Sisalation foils are perfect for waterproofing and reducing the indoor temperature in summer.

RadenShield Single-Sided

  • Roll dimension 45m2
  • Roll length 30m
  • Roll width 1.5m
  • R-value1.05