Roof insulation installers and distributors of Isotherm and Aerolite in South Africa

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Roof Insulation Cape Town installers and distributors of eco-friendly Roof Insulation products. Isotherm Insulation as well as Think Pink Aerolite Insulation. Roof Insulation Cape have been involved in the domestic as well as the Industrial Insulation for nearly 29 years.

We are proud to be one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Insulation companies in South Africa. Roof Insulation service the entire Western Cape as well as Johannesburg and Pretoria and KZN. Our installers are all highly trained, most of our installers have been with us for many years and have insulated thousands of homes.

Services offered by Roof Insulation

  1. Installers of Roof Insulation Products Isotherm Insulation as well as Aerolite Think Pink. Read more on Aerolite Think Pink
  2. Distributors of Isotherm Insulation as well as Aerolite Insulation. Read more on Isotherm
  3. Removal vacuum of Blown in paper Insulation standard vacuum for homes with excessive dust. Our vacuum machine is a large free standing machine standing outside the home as we remove the Cellulose fibre.
  4. lifting of roof sheets in homes with flat roof areas like bar rooms etc.
  5. Retro fit Factorylite insulation.

Ceiling Insulation To Beat The Summer Heat

Roof Insulation Capetown

Both the Isotherm Insulation as well as the Think Pink Aerolite will help you reduce the effects of the harsh summer heat.
We are proud to be the preferred Insulation Installer of both Ceiling insulation products. Roof Insulation have hand picked Isotherm and Aerolite as our products of choice.

By insulating your roof space with Isotherm or Aerolite Insulation you can reduce the heat flow in the roof by up to 85%.
An insulated home will reduce electricity consumption substantialy. Most homes will reduce temperature by 4 degrees to 8 degrees.

Beat the Winter Chill with Roof Insulation
Roof Insulation will reduce the het flow in your roof making for a warmer Ceiling in winter this will reduce the heat flow from inside the house from rising through the ceiling into the roof void space.

Roof Insulation Cape Town

Roof Insulation Cape are installers of Isotherm Roof Insulation and Aerolite insulation in the Western Cape, Johannesburg and Pretoria. We pride our selves on our service and product quality.

Loft Room Insulation as well as standard Roof Insulation and Dry wall partition insulation are supplied and installed be us.