Roof Insulation FAQ'S

Firstly checkout our Product Prices on our Price List Page. Roof insulation can be a cost-effective way to reduce your utility bills. The price of roofing products is constantly changing, so it’s important that you do some research before making any purchases! We have created an easy chart below with information about various types and brands as well their prices per square meter or kilogram based off national averages."

135mm Aerolite Insulation and Knauf Ecose are the most effective, eco-friendly non-combustible thermal insulation. Both products can be installed in hospitals schools or shopping malls because they're rated as safe for high volumes of people while also providing these building types with excellent benefits that home owners deserve too!

If you're looking for an insulation product to reduce noise pollution, then look no further than our selection of 135mm Aerolite and Knauf Ecose. These two are perfect selections because they have NRC ratings 1.1! They can be used in pubs or clubs that need some help reducing the impact of unwanted sounds on their patrons' enjoyment level
It's important never just cover up what naturally occurs with sound; instead we should find ways around it so everyone has access equally as broad-mindedly enjoyed themselves inside spaces where music isn't playing over speakers all day long

While there are many different types of insulation available on the market today, if you want to be safe and ensure that your home remains cool during this hot weather season then we would recommend Aerolite Soft Touch or Knauf Ecose Insulation. These products have been found not only provide effective temperature reduction but also make it easier for air conditioning systems in hospitals, schools among other places where safety is key! Not only do they meet all required health codes with their eco-friendly design -they're downright combustible too!.