Roof Insulation Specifications
roof insulation specifications

When insulating your home, it is essential to do your homework. Not all insulation products are equal so be sure that you read the Roof Insulation Specifications. Installing Roof Insulation that is under specification could be a waste of money.

In fact, especially with a new build, it is more important than ever to read up on the roof insulation specifications. There are many top quality builders out in the industry. However, there are also many fly by night builders.

These are the builders that give all builders a bad name. These type of builders will convince you after the project has stated that they are installing the correct insulation. Later you will find that they have put the cheapest insulation possible in the roof. If you had been reading up on the roof insulation specifications, you could have avoided this disaster.

Roof Insulation Specifications

The new SANS legislation on roof insulation is very specific. In fact, all new homes built after January 2013 must install insulation with the particular R-value for the area that you live. The new building legislation has changed many things in relation to how homes must be built. In fact, even the glass windows must be thicker and if the windows are more than a certain size they must be double glazed. All this legislation has been put in place to save energy worldwide.

  • Aerolite Insulation specifications can be found on this page. Read through all the specs importantly be sure to read through the Aerolite specifications about the insulation R-value. The R-value of the Insulation is critical as this is the link between a neat home in summer and a warm house in winter. For me, the best is the 135mm Aerolite insulation with the highest R-value in the Aerolite range.
  • Isotherm Specifications can are found on this page. Make sure that you read the SANS compliant map to see what thickness Isotherm to install in your home. Remember not all insulation products are equal. This is the essential page when deciding on the type of insulation to fit. The Isotherm Specifications page will guide you to the correct thickness. It will also give you other useful insulation that you need to know on the Isotherm Specifications page. The 145mm Isotherm insulation has the highest R-value in the Isotherm range. Isotherm regarded as an eco-insulation product.