Sisalation is a reinforced aluminum foil insulation material, made from a lamination of aluminum foil, Kraft paper, reinforced synthetic fiber and polyethylene. It is used in factories, warehouses, schools, hospitals and commercial and residential dwellings.Sisalation reduces heat gains in summer and contains heat losses in winter. The material also acts as a waterproofing membrane when used under roof tiles. Sisalation has a high light reflectivity.When installed in industrial building as an exposed internal roof lining, the reflectivity of the foil will enhance the lighting of the building.

Energy-efficient Sisalation® a premium grade reflective foil product. Sisalation is cost effective. As a result of the reflective properties of the Radenshield type foils the roof space is cooler in summer. Reflective Foil products reduce heat flow into the roof space and are ideal for commercial and industrial buildings as well as domestic homes. An added benefit is that Sisalation foils reduce air movement in the roof space.

Benefits of Sisalation Foil

Sisalation® reflective foil insulation performs as a radiant barrier, by reflecting up to 95% of radiant heat striking the reflective aluminum foil surface.
Sisalation® reflective foil insulation is a composite lamination of aluminum foil to various other flexible membranes, including fiberglass reinforcement and flame retardant, or fire proofing, additives in some products within the range.

It is easy to install, economical and generally maintenance free. When used as an exposed roof lining, Sisalation® greatly increases the lighting of the building.

Manufactured using state-of-the-art laminating technology Sisalation® has stayed one step ahead of new developments and trends and has an unwatchable track record in South Africa. It was the first reflective foil insulation product in South Africa to be awarded the SABS mark and the first foil insulation membrane to incorporate a fire retardant.

Ideal for the extreme temperature conditions experienced on the African continent, Sisalation® has an unparalleled reputation for excellence, quality, service and innovation. And, because it cuts the costs of heating and cooling bills, it will pay for itself, over and over again.

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