One of the biggest nightmares for many homeowners is noisy neighbours and traffic noise. We are inundated with calls for help in this department. Soundproofing homes and offices with effective insulation will improve the situation substantially.

Types Of Soundproofing Problems

  • Airborne Noise typically from traffic building work loud music or people communicating loudly.
  • Impact noise is the difficult one to treat. However, depending on the type of noise, we can eliminate the bulk if not all of the impact noise.

Soundproofing Between Floors

Fitting insulation with a good NRC Noise Reduction Coefficient is essential. The padding is fitted between the floorboards and must be fitted with no air gaps.

Importantly no part of the ceiling below can make contact with the beams of the floor. For this reason, the ceiling below must be separated from the floor beams.

The reason for this is that impact sound like walking on the floor above will travel through the wooden beams, to the ceiling below like a doctors stethoscope.

Soundproofing Between Walls

Drywall partitioning is used with acoustic insulation to reduce noise flow

A wooden floor

Everything you need to know about Underfloor Insulation

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Soundproofing between walls

Soundproofing Between Walls

There are many reasons why we want Soundproofing Between Walls. Let’s have a look at a few of these: Privacy, Noise pollution, etc. Importantly one must first establish what type of sound we need to address. As a result, both Airbourne and impact noise must be considered to solve the problem effectively. Many modern-day apartments …

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Soundproofing between Floors

Soundproofing Between Floors

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Sound Proofing Your Home On A Budget

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