cellulose insulation
Eco-insulation and thermguard insulation are cellulose roof insulation fire hazard

Cellulose Roof Insulation Fire Risk Potential

As Roof Insulation Installers for more than 30 years, one of our services includes the removal of cellulose roof insulation. In particular, homeowners remove the cellulose insulation because of dust factors in the home or water damage and ceiling collapses as a result of the paper absorbing water after an interesting conversation with a homeowner who was removing the blown-in paper insulation. I immediately decided…
Isotherm roof insulation vs cellulose


This post is covering the benefits of two Roof Insulation types as a comparison. Isotherm Roof Insulation and the Cellulose Roof Insulation Pros and Cons. Please note this is our opinion based on 30 years of experience. Roof Insulation Western Cape installs and distributes all insulation types, but we will not install this blow-in type insulation. Listed below is why we won’t install cellulose. All…