Isotherm Insulation

I was in the roof the other day and I must say the installation is very neat. Well done! It also makes a huge difference in the temperature of the house.


145mm Isotherm Insulation

Please thank Peter and his team for the wonderful service. Our home was left clean and tidy. We expected a all day operation but three hours later all done. Wonderful Insulation product and we can feel the difference already.


145mm Isotherm Insulation

Job well done. I could notice a difference in the house yesterday afternoon when I got home. Come on winter we are ready for you.


145mm Isotherm Insulation

Good service and happy with installation quality. Much Cooler home. Best regards.


145mm Isotherm Insulation

Thank you so much for fitting us in today with our emergency. Your service has been a breathe of fresh air. The Isotherm Insulation has made a big difference. Thank you and all the best.

R Taylor

145mm Isotherm

Hi Peter. The temperature in the house is much improved! Many thanks.

Anthea Poole-Barnard

145mm Isotherm Insulation

Isotherm has definitely made a difference. The winter temperature inside never dropped below 10°C at night with no heating. If I used the wood burning fireplace (7 kW Franco Belge) within in an hour the temperature goes up to 18°C or 20°C from 12°C or 14°C. We are now approaching summer, yesterday was 33°C outside and inside was 24°C. The house is definitely warmer and cooler. The installation was efficiently done, on time and in the time frame stated.

James Cruickshank

Isotherm 145mm

Hi Peter, thanks for the prompt and friendly service today.

Sarah & Jonathan Ashworth

Isotherm 145mm

Peter, thanks again for the excellent service with the insulation, the house is really nice. I’ve given my sister in law your details; she may or may not have called you.

Johan Vegter

Isotherm 145mm

Hi Peter. Many thanks for your professional installation today.

Margie Ferrandi

145mm Isotherm Insulation Testimonials

145mm Isotherm Insulation Testimonial

135mm aerolite insulation testimonials

135mm aerolite insulation testimonials

Roof Insulations 145mm Isotherm Insulation Testimonials

Testimonials from home owners about our Roof Insulation products. With Roof Insulation 29 years in the Roof insulation Industry, our testimonials are a big part of our market. In the last 2 years since it became compulsory for insulation to achieve an R-value of 3.70. Client referrals and written testimonials have increased to between 21 and 26% per month. This means referrals and roof insulation have become a big player in our business. The feedback from referrals is good as it give us the opportunity to increase our customer satisfaction. Good work and good products mean happy customers and more referrals and this ultimately means more homes insulated.

One of the most important part of any business is listening to what our customers say. And referrals have become a big part of this in order to improve service delivery and have a happy client.

Isotherm roof insulation referrals as well as aerolite roof insulation testimonials are important to us. Of all insulation products on the market roof insulation have selected these two products as our best insulation for roofs. And the referrals and what our customers say have proved this to be the best choice.

Isotherm and Aerolite have proved to be great insulation choices and the 145mm Isotherm Insulation testimonials and 135mm Aerolite insulation testimonials referrals of many of our customers prove this. Roof Insulation to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.